Jennifer Lawrence Has Just Released A Hit Single

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We’re used to seeing the word ‘actress’ or ‘star’ prefix Jennifer Lawrence’s name, but less familiar with seeing her described as a singer.

But now that’s another word J-Law can add to her CV, thanks to the fact she’s currently got a song in the charts.

Yup, that’s right, Jennifer is currently at No. 29 in the UK midweek singles chart, just behind One Direction and Calvin Harris. If you weren’t aware the 23-year-old was working on a musical career alongside her already very successful day job, that’s because, well, she’s not.

The single in question is actually a song taken from the the new Hunger Games movie – Mockingjay Part 1– called The Hanging Tree which was written by The Lumineers, but performed by J-Law.

Despite the song’s success, we doubt very much that Jennifer will be pursuing a career in the music biz, given that she’s really not a fan of singing.

The actress described her singing voice as a ‘tone deaf Amy Winehouse’ on the David Letterman show earlier this month, and the Mokingjay director Francis Lawrence told the that Jen was ‘horrified to sing’ and that it was ‘her least favourite day’ of shooting.

Well, we think you’ve got a nice voice, Jen… Listen for yourself below.

By Olivia Marks