These Stylish Wearable Tech Buys Are Absolute Game-Changers

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Wearable technology has to be the biggest buzz phrase of 2014 and our obsession with all things gadgets is apparently going to peak this Christmas season. Our pals over at Samsung have told us — not to get all statistical on you — that the wearable tech industry is set to be worth a HUGE £104.7million this Christmas in the UK alone. To out it into a context that we can digest, that’s like 116,988 Mulberry Bayswater totes and yep; we’re talking about the big one.

In short, the market and demand is huge (way bigger than we’ve given it credit for) and its started to infiltrate our lives whether we know it or not.

Who hasn’t looked into the Nike Fuelband to enhance their workout? Or donned a device that counts the steps you take on a daily basis? We’ve all embraced wearable tech in one way or another, but now it seems like it’s the must-have gift of the festive season. Who knew?

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Wearable tech has a nasty rep of being, for the lack of a better word, ugly. Unsightly. Outfit destroying. Ok, so we might be getting a bit carried away but lets face it; it’s never looked great paired with your LBD.

That was, until now…

Seeing a major gap in the market for fashionable wearable technology that women actually want to wear around the clock and not just on the treadmill, several brands have got in on the stylish tech action with some very covetable designs. We’ve whittled down our absolute favourites that are going to change the way you think about wearable tech forever.