5 Things We Learnt From Going Backstage At The Victoria’s Secret Show

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Eight ‘Angels’, 39 as-near-to-perfection-as-you can get models, a 9am call-time, and no coffee. Sound like the recipe for a personal-confidence crisis? Weirdly not thanks to the buoyant atmosphere, the ‘girls’ being sickeningly sweet and friendly and the fact that they DO worry about cellulite. From us to you:

1. Skip the salt
Yes, we know it makes pretty much everything taste better but you can bet your bottom dollar that no-one aboard the VS private jet will have reached for the condiment at least a week before the show. Why? It’s terrible for water retention: “I always avoid salty foods right before the show,” says Lily Donaldson. “It’s a trick we’ve all picked up along the way when we’ve had to do bikini shoots in the past.”

2. Go green
Spirulina…kale….We all know we should but when Isabeli Fontana tells you that she pops Aloe Vera to look younger, you take note. Great as a general tonic it’s also said to calm inflammation and aid bowel disorders. It may not sound glamorous but if it makes us look anything like Isabeli we’re in!

3. Swap powder for cream
If you’ve ever wondered what ‘sexy’ skin looks like, you just need to take a look at the VS runway. “Today we’re working with very translucent, dewy textures,” divulged make-up maestro Dick Page backstage. “It just makes for a fresher, more youthful feel.” Dick’s hero products? A red-coloured cream blush which he buffed into the cheeks and over the bridge of the nose and a soft pink lipstick which he layered with a nude gloss to give a subtle multi-dimensional effect.

4. You can eat crisps (sometimes)
Every one of the models backstage admitted that they had a ‘cheat’ food, even leading up to the show. Elsa’s downfall is crisps, Lily has a sweet tooth (although Karlie Kloss helped her out with some of her positively healthy ‘Karlie’s Cookies’) and Jourdan confesses to eating “anything and everything” (yes, we know!). The moral of the story? A little of what you fancy does you good.

5. Fake tan is your BFF
Every one of the angels assured us that they all battle with the dreaded orange peel – not that we caught a glimpse of even the teeniest dimple. According to the girls, the trick is to tan up (fake, of course) and for special occasions  – the Victoria’s Secret Show will do –  add a layer of lightweight foundation to even out any imperfections. (We’re reaching for the St Tropez as we speak.)

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