10 Ways To Get Your Zen On (And Chill The Hell Out)

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1. Adult colouring books are a bit 2015. It’s all about ‘mindfoldness’ now – yep, we’re talking origami. An unexpectedly calming combo of rules meets creativity, ‘there’s an element of concentration, which takes your mind off everyday harassments’, says illustrator and origami enthusiast Carolyn Scrace. Create your own paper crane and feel your serotonin levels soar with The Book Of Mindful Origami by Samuel Tsang, £7.49.

2. Heard of mindfulness, but think you have to be gluten/dairy/everything-free and a full-time yoga bunny to do it? Then Whil is the app for you. Forget the cheesy mantras – this no-fuss guide talks you through a 60-second meditation to help you power down without feeling pretentious. Perfect.

3. ‘Magnesium is known as the “relaxation mineral”, so it’s the perfect antidote to stress, helping you to unwind’, says super-nutritionist Gabriela Peacock. ‘A lack of it can lead to anxiety, depression and insomnia.’ Keep yours topped up with GP Restore Me supplements and a long, hot soak 
in Westlab’s magnesium bath salts, £6.99 to get your good vibes back in balance.

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4. It’s not news that a good night’s sleep is well worth turning Netflix 
off for, but did you know that a cheeky midday snooze can also reduce blood pressure and help boost your memory? Amp up the relaxation factor for your next power nap with a spritz of Frederic Malle’s Dans Mon Lit fragrance, created specifically for spraying on bed sheets. The dream.

5. Forest bathing – surprisingly nothing to 
do with jumping into a lake – is actually a meditative nature walk where you focus your senses on the outdoors, rather than your own thoughts (or Instagram), and has solid health benefits. Called shinrin-yoku in Japan, forest bathing can help reduce levels of cortisol, aka the hormone responsible for all our stress. Sorry all-day brunch, we’ve got some strolling to do.

6.The average British woman has just 17 minutes a day to herself. Make the most of your me-time and get great skin with a face massage. Do as facialist Anastasia Achilleos does and ‘lie down, take deep breaths and massage in your moisturiser to bring a deeper level of relaxation’. Not sure you’re doing it right? Darphin’s handy face massage tool, £125 does the hard work for you.

7. Smudging is a great way to remove negative energy and ramp up the positive,’ says wellness expert Marie Reynolds. Traditionally done using a bundle of burnt herbs (white sage is a fave), it’s super-effective for literally smoking out bad vibes. Too hippy dippy? Burning incense sticks 
has serious calming effects – make sure yours are full of anxiety-reducing sandalwood, like Fornasetti’s 80 Stick Incense set, £145.

8. Escape the stressful commuter scrum by taking a trip to über-hip (and totally chilled) Copenhagen. As the capital of Denmark, aka the country voted best in the world for women, it’s got guaranteed girl power. Soothe pre-trip airport anxiety with an indulgent Deep Relax Scalp Massage at Heathrow’s Elemis Travel Spa. And breathe.

9. Since UberPUPPY occurred in LA (yes, cabs with puppiesin was a thing) and we realised that being a panda hugger was an actual job, we’ve had cuddling something cute on the brain. And with studies proving that stroking a kitten can calm you down, we’re convinced that getting our own Choupette is the key to chilling the hell out. 

10. A steamy room flooded with candlelight – no, we’re not talking about our last date, but the latest yoga class to hit our wellbeing radars, Hot Candlelit Yin Yoga. Taking place in a studio lit with candles and heated 
to 34°C, postures are held for longer for a deeper, more restorative practice. Unsurprisingly, it encourages deeper sleep and relaxation. We dare you to stay awake.


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