11 Times Kim Sears’ hair shinier Than The Sun (and how to get it)

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The body, bounce, shine. .. Hair Kim Sears’ is silky a lot of puppies.

1) more shiny bling finger

2) Swishier a listing of hair

3) and soft. See how the hell is soft

4) It also inflatable

5) Not Literally a shiny coat straight out of place

6) Or even a corrugated

7) Even a hat can not hold

8) Or a hat and a braid

9) So yes

10) Practically our perfect hair

11) Great bridge too

genetic exceptional part, here’s how you can emulate a hair Kim Sears do

If you want to go literally where Kim goes, her hairdresser has chosen Dwight Isaacs in Surrey (01372 842414). If you live anywhere near Surrey then here are our five steps to get Kim Sears’ great blow dry at home …

1. Wash: Use a shampoo and conditioner body building to give your hair the best possible start. Kiehl Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner plumps hair with natural sugars and proteins.

2. Prep :. Spray Kerastase Volumactive Volume Expansion Spray at the roots, and massage it with your fingers

3. content: Tip your head upside down and hair outbreak with your hair until it’s 70% dry. Then, starting at the neck, snap three-inch sections of hair with a round brush fold. Recommend Ceramic Vented Radial Brush GHD .

4. Pin: After blow dry each section, roll it on itself, set with an outlet Kirby and let cool completely (this will require a minimum of 10 minutes) to set a curl loose.

5. Brush: Pull your legs to free the hair and brush through with a bristle brush to get, soft waves inflatable Kim-esque. Finish with a spritz of shine spray -. Aveda Brilliant Spray on Shine will smooth any flyaways and leave a glossy sheen beautifully

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