16Foundations For Instant No-Filter-Needed Flawless Skin

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2 Mar 2018
by: Madeleine Spencer

Ask any make-up artist or blogger what they spend the most time perfecting, and they’ll more likely than not tell you that skin is high on the list. Before you do anything else, from perfecting a smokey eye to getting your winged liner just so, focus on skin – it’s the secret to looking more polished and glossy, which is probably why A-list make-up artist Mary Greenwell apportions approximately half the make-up time of any look to patting and smoothing foundation onto skin for a perfect complexion.

With so many out there on the market – and more and more launching every day promising ever better results – it can be tricky to find one that sits just so and doesn’t end up slipping down your face or being gobbled by your skin after a few hours’ wear. The answer lies in finding the right formula coupled with the right application technique.

For many of you, that’ll mean using a good foundation brush to sweep and buff your base on with. (Side note: don’t forget to clean your brushes after use – it’s crucial to stop bacteria from building up.) But lots of pros – Greenwell included – tout fingers as a great way to make foundation meld with skin for a barely-there look, so go that route if the faff of a brush is not for you.

Whichever way you go, remember that foundation is there not to be seen, but to do the job of unifying skin tone and reducing the appearance of redness or blemishes. If you’re after more coverage, go back with a second layer only where you need it to keep your skin looking fresh – or buy a banging concealer that’ll make spots disappear. 

In terms of picking a colour, you can’t beat the old trick of swiping three shades you think are close to your own on your jawline, and then going out into the daylight with a mirror to see which one disappears. And don’t be tempted to go up a few shades if you’re after the look of health – that’s what blush and bronzer are for.


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