3 Insanely Good Makeup Artist BrushesThat You Probably Haven't Heard Of

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by: Madeleine Spencer
16 Feb 2018

It’s a slightly annoying truth that most make-up looks better when applied with quality brushes. We use the word annoying because good brushes are an expense – and once you have them they need to be cleaned regularly and treated well (i.e. not shoved into a grotty make-up bag when crusty with make-up and never, ever bent).

But once bought, good make-up brushes will last a long time – and it is absolutely true that your make-up will blend more seamlessly and be far, far easier to apply, with the best ones making light work of transferring colour to your face. 

That is where this edit comes in. Nobody, and we really mean nobody, has put brushes through their paces more extensively than a make-up artist. Long days on sets, countless washes to ensure cleanliness, and making up a multitude of faces in different ways means that they are uniquely placed to curate a brush brand. Here are three make-up artists who’ve done a stellar job of making brushes.

Tina Earnshaw Brushes 

The Make-Up Artist: With hits like Titanic, Emma, and The Talented Mr. Ripley on her CV – and an Oscar nomination under her belt, it’s fair to say that Tina Earnshaw has earned her stripes as the film make-up artist to go to for perfect features. 

The Brushes: Grab No 6 if you’re a stickler for details and want to make light work of a perfectly straight eyeliner, or No 8 for a cracking flat-headed brush that deposits concealer to larger areas or blends liquid blush like no other.

My Kit Co 

The Make-Up Artist: The brains behind the brand is none other than editorial make-up artist James Molloy, who’s made up the likes of Emma Watson and Rita Ora. As well as spearheading My Kit Co, he’s also a Rimmel ambassador.

The Brushes: If you like to finish your face with a thin layer of powder, the My Face Fan can’t be beaten. Otherwise, get your hands on any of the eye brushes for blending – it’s little wonder they’re often sold out.

Louise Young Brushes

The Make-Up Artist: Louise’s career has spanned thirty years working across film, tv, and fashion – and she’s an author, too, having penned a book breaking down beauty looks from history. 

The Brushes: Like a soft haze of shadow under your eyes? The LY13 Mini Socket Brush is the one for you. We’d also highly recommend the LY38A Tapered Shadow Brush, which makes distributing shadow into an eye socket as easy as wiping back and forth in the crease like a windscreen wiper.


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