4 Essentials For Luminous Skin, Whatever The Weather

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Cleanse, epilate, exfoliate

Hurrah…we’ve found the must-have beauty appliance for getting perfectly smooth skin – say hello to Braun Face. This epilator and cleansing brush in one removes unwanted hair from the root, 200 times faster and more thorough than tweezing! It also gives beautifully polished skin, thanks to the add-on brush head which is brilliant for deep cleansing and exfoliating, leaving skin radiant and bright. Jessica Alba swears by it, and so do we!



As the weather begins to get cooler, your skin’s needs will change, too. Don’t be afraid to mix up products to make something bespoke for your skin. Try adding a drop of hydrating serum in your foundation to help plump your complexion — you’ll find this helps create an even, barely-there base for your new season make-up looks.



The easiest and quickest way to get dewy, luminous skin is to get on board with one of the most recent skincare innovations that’s taking the industry by storm – the sheet mask. Originally imported from Korea, they’re way more effective than a rinse-off mask as you leave the cloth to soak on your face, which allows your skin to absorb active ingredients and locks in moisture. Simply position onto clean skin and let the mask do the hard work while you put your feet up! What could be easier? Pass us the vino, will you…



One thing we never omit from our beauty routines is SPF. Even if it’s cloudy, even if it’s raining, even if it’s both and you’re spending most of the day in the office, skin is still exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays, all of which cause premature ageing. Yikes. In short? Protect yourself, and your skin.


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