5 Reasons Victoria Beckham Is THE Backstage Pass Of New York Fashion Week

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There are few things that get us excited about getting out of bed at 6am but Becks (and no, not even that Becks!) is one of them. Let us set the scene; it’s cold (not even wimpy British person 4 degree cold – we’re talking  – and we quote – ‘dangerously cold’ ie a wind-chill factor of minus 30).

But amidst the ‘frigid’ (we’re not sure the New Yorker’s translation for this word is quite the same as ours) conditions, there is a little glimmer in the schedule that warms the cockles of even the most hardened fashion elite and she harks back from our very own blightly. From a beauty point of view it’s an equally covetable one and here’s why;

1)The venue is out and out one of the most opulently fabulous of all the show spaces

Ok, so the reality is that the backstage area is a teensy slither of a corridoor stuck to the side of the main event (‘cosy’ doesn’t even begin to cover it!) but that roof, those tiles….swoon (hashtag interiors porn)

2) It plays host to the dream team of the beauty world

If you haven’t heard of hair supremo Guido Palau and make-up legend Pat McGrath we may as well give up now (and what kind of beauty girl do you call yourself?!). In the hair and make-up world they’re practically royalty (and we talking proper bone fide blue-blood royalty not some random state where you can buy a title for the right price). At VB the hair look was a “modern, dual-texture” pony that Guido described as “amping up your everyday ponytail into something special”.

How? By using a ghd air hairdryer, £99 to blow-dry the hair back off the models faces for a slightly more dramatic head-shape, securing it at the nape of the neck into a low pony. For the models with naturally curly hair he smoothed everything out but for the girls with straight hair he used a ghd curve soft curl tong, £120 to add a bit of a bend for some “natural movement”.

Over on make-up Pat created two distinct looks – one focusing on a russet lip and the other on a soft, taupe eye. Nails were kept ‘chic and sporty’ thanks to one coat of Nails Inc’s ‘Knightsbridge Mews Nailkale Nailbright Polish’, £14 with a matte topcoat of ‘Westminster Bridge’ £15.

3) They have real coffee

What’s the big deal you may ask? Believe us in the wilderness that is the backstage world, this is a HUGE deal (did we mention the 6am start and the freeeeeezing temperatures?!). There aren’t many opps for a caffeine fix when running from backstage to backstage and this isn’t just any coffee – this is Cipriani coffee.

4) We get to play with new tools

Backstage is the perfect place to geek out on hair/make-up and skincare products. Not only do you find the quirkiest little gadgets and accessories (usually that the make-up artists and stylists have bought in Korea) but it’s also the place that new products are show-cased before we even catch a glimpse of them back in the office.

Today, it was ghd’s Azores limited edition collection of stylers launching in April which, although not used for the final look at Victoria Beckham, were being road-tested by the stylists who let us have a little play  (and that’s about as much as we can tell you without having to kill you).

5) We get to totally girl crush over VB and Harper (sporting a sexy Bardot pony – that’s Victoria, not Harper – and super-cute pigtails).

Enough said.


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