5 Reasons Why Prada SS16 Show Sent Us To Beauty Heaven

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1. Lineisy Montero

Model of the moment, the beyond gorgeous Lineisy Montero was back walking the show for a second time.  Did you know that back in February her walk for Prada was her very first catwalk appearance ever? Start as you mean to go on, eh? We adore her natural mini afro – in fact hers was the only hair texture that Redken hairstylist Guido Palau didn’t alter.

2. Guido actually cut models' fringes

That’s right, these weren’t clip in winges, Palau actually took scissors to the model’s hair backstage before the show.  Two seasons ago he cut into models' sideburns (attractively known as guiches…) but this season he went one step further and trimmed the baby hairs around the perimeter of the face into very fine fringes. 


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‘The shape is a bit 20s but it’s also a bit like skinhead girls in England in the ‘70s.  That very tough extreme hair.  We were looking at pictures of girls with spider haircuts, who used to shave their heads but leave the front section long.  Cutting hair is a really extreme thing to do at a show.  We’re lucky enough that at this show we can cut the hair and the girls do agree to that kind of extreme statement.  It’s the authenticity of these girls having a hair cut that make it look very powerful.’  What about when the girls wash their hair after the show? ‘We don’t ask that question’, smiled Palau wickedly.

Luckily most of the models had their next show of the evening at Moschino, where they were (coincidentally?) put in wigs! 

3. That gold lip

Nothing says ludicrously expensive better than a solid gold lip.  Make-up artist Pat McGrath was pressing gold pigment over the top of about 2 to 3 layers of theatrical gold lip cream and gold lipstick.  ‘It’s eccentric but conservative’ explained McGrath. 

‘Mrs Prada wanted to do something that was very strong but in a way conservative and you can’t get any more conservative than accentuating the mouth. To put gold on the mouth is something beyond eccentric – it makes the girls look very powerful, very strong and very daring.’


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4. The souped-up Christmas bauble earrings

The hair was pulled back in a low ponytail, making plenty of room for the incredible selection of ‘70s vibe drop earrings.  Sequins, fabric petals, acetate – each pair more fabulous than the next.

5. You can borrow your kit from you boyf

Palau actually used men’s styling gel (Redken Stand Tough Gel – it’s the best apparently) to smooth out the hairlines.  ‘It’s a men’s product but that doesn’t really matter.  I 'm applying it with my fingers to give some finish to the bangs and to hold the sideburn sections down and then the hairspray goes over the top.’


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