6 Major Beauty Buys That Cost Less Than A Tenner

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January. It’s cold, it’s booze free (almost) and we’re poorer than ever. Which means it’s time to get frugal.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ll still be nabbing ourselves some much-needed beauty candy (ummm our January face doesn’t look like this without it) but when times are hard and a latte costs nearly £4, you need to get inventive with your splurges.

Which is why we’ve found 6 major beauty buys that cost less than a tenner, so you can rock that new lipstick and still grab your daily Starbs. YAS QUEEN.

1. The Colour Correcting Palette – Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Kit, £5.99

Haven’t figured out colour correcting yet? Well, you’re in luck. This solves all your skin’s sins in one go. Use red to banish panda eyes, green to cover redness and lilac for the brightest complexion ever.

2. The Cream Blusher – Rimmel Royal Blush, £5.49

This new cream-to-powder blusher blends perfectly into the apples of your cheeks for the easiest faux flush.

3. The Covers-All-Eyeliner-Sins Solution – PS…PRO Eyeliner Corrector Pen, £3

Officially the best thing we’ve ever found in Primark, this wonky liner correcting pen is the solution to getting our liner on point. That cat eye? Perfected. Our stress levels when we mess up the second one? A thing of the past.

4. The Mood Boosting Body Oil – Rituals The Ritual Of Sakura Shower Oil, £8.50

Packed full of organic rice milk, aka the Japanese secret to looking seriously young, this shower oil is the key to keeping dry winter skin super-hydrated.

5. The Seriously Easy False Lashes – Eylure Express Pre Glued Lashes, £4.95

Eylure’s seriously handy pre-glued lashes mean you can just stick and go, minus the mess and the dodgy white glue marks #makeupgoals.

6. The One Stop Shop – Topshop Matte Lip Bullet, £8

Inspired by makeup pro Hannah Murray backstage at Topshop’s Unique show where she used her fingers to smudge lipstick into models’ lips, eyelids and cheeks, this is one epic lip crayon with three uses – aka the perfect excuse to chuck half our beauty bag.

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