A Chanel Spa is coming at the Ritz in Paris. Now get us a ticket Eurostar …

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Chanel beauty

Chanel spa? We read that right? Yes we did, and you did too.

In news that may have only made us rethink all our future plan ideas hen, Chanel is set to open a wellness center at the Hotel Ritz in Paris.

As if we need to remember, Coco Chanel lived in the Ritz for 34 years, so there is a strong relationship between the two iconic brands that goes back a long way. In a statement, Chanel said: ‘The strong bond between Chanel and the Ritz in Paris was started by Mademoiselle Chanel who lived 34 years at the Ritz. Located at the Ritz Club, ‘Chaenl au Ritz Paris’ will provide women with a unique sensory experience and personalized. ‘

Although Chanel and the Ritz remained tight-lipped on the details, we know that the spa will open as part of a three-year restoration of the Ritz completed later this year.

And we think we can safely say that all the treatments available at the new Chanel Au Ritz Paris will use luxurious beauty products of the fashion house. We also can not imagine Chanel employ anyone but the best therapists … just like that, we are doing the booking as soon as possible.


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