Amy Schumer Is Still the Only Woman onForbes Highest-Paid Comedians List

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by: Alicia Brunker
28 Jul 2017

There are plenty of female comedians who can have you doubled over with laughter before they even open their mouths. Tina Fey’s on-point Sarah Palin facial expressions, anyone? Others are just as funny, like Kristen Wiig, who can impersonate just about any character (real or imaginary)—men included. But according to Forbes only one female’s jokes paid off this year-quite literally.

On Thursday, the magazine released their 2017 World’s Highest-Paid Comedians list, with just one female, Amy Schumer, ranking at number five out of ten with an annual salary of $37.5 million. She trails behind Dave Chappelle, who earned $47 million, but comes in over Kevin Hart’s $32.5 million, while Jerry Seinfeld takes the top spot at $69 million. Not too shabby.

However, it’s hard to believe that the 36-year-old is the only woman to make the cut for the second year in a row. Before Schumer, we never had a female on Forbes’ list. In 2016, she came in fourth place with a yearly estimated income of $17 million, which means she dropped a spot, but more than doubled her earnings.

While Schumer’s accomplishment should be celebrated, women, like Fey, Wiig, and their other funny female counterparts, should make bank off their comedy, too—they work hard for those laughs!

Here’s to hoping that Schumer continues her streak with another nod on next year’s list—and has at least one of her hilarious pals up there with her!


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