Anne-Marie The Zero Filter Singer Serves Up The Ultimate 'Friends Zone' Anthem

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
16 Feb 2018

In this week’s re-styled Joshington Hosts, Anne Marie joins our Fashion and Celebrity Director for her funniest interview ever with everything from prank calls to Kylie Jenner impressions…

Anne-Marie is that rare kind of celebrity who has zero barriers. Imagine meeting Jennifer Lawrence and upping the sass levels by about 100 and that’s exactly what having an audience with Anne-Marie is like.

Having hit the big time providing the vocals for Clean Bandit’s number one smash, Rockabye, alongside Sean Paul, the singer went on to release the empowering tracks of the summer. Ciao Adios and Alarm are the perfect songs for telling the f**k boys in your life to finally, well, f**k off!

At 26-years-old, with a fearless sense of humour that would have you rolling around the local pub floor, the world is literally in the palm of this Essex girl’s hands. Here are all the reasons you should be obsessed with Anne-Marie, just like me…

Friends Is The Ultimate 2018 Single Gals Anthem…

We have all been there: a friend wants more or you need to friend zone a love interest that’s turned you, well off! Step forward Anne-Marie and Marshmellow with the absolute banger of an anthem, Friends for such an occasion. We have it on repeat. So should you.

Anne-Marie Is A Bad Ass Karate Champion…

Anne-Marie might just be the ONLY popstar to have three world karate championship titles under her belt. But what is her tip for taking down a man, should the need arise? “The good thing about boys is you can always go for the *beep*!” That’s some pure and simple self-defense advice for you, ladies and gents!

Ed Sheeran Got Anne-Marie A Very X-Rated Birthday Present…

What could possibly be the funniest thing about touring with Ed Sheeran? “It was my birthday and he gave me the biggest dildo ever – it was literally the largest one you can buy in the shops. His security guard went out that day to buy it for him. Ed brought me into his room and everyone was in there. He gave me some flowers which I thought was nice and then there was this massive box!” It’s more of a sculpture than a toy as Anne-Marie discusses in the above video

I miss this one and I miss giving him presents like this @teddysphotos come hoommmeeeeeeeee mug

A post shared by ANNE♥MARIE (@annemarieiam) on Sep 1, 2017 at 7:45am PDT

Anne-Marie Is A Gifted Impressionist

Acca-Accent has become a cornerstone of our Joshington Hosts franchise, a game where celebrities have to sing a song in the voice of a fellow celebrity and I have to guess who they’re mimicking. No one has excelled at this game quite like Anne-Marie. From performing Camila Cabello’s Havana as Donald Trump to mimicking Kylie Jenner whilst singing Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes, Anne-Marie is officially next-level talented.



You NEED To See Anne-Marie Prank Calling Rudimental

Having toured with Rudimental and appearing on the band’s track, Rumour Mill, with Will Heard, it’s safe to say Anne-Marie knows them rather well. So when we challenged Anne-Marie to prank call the most famous person in her phone (FYI Jessie J and MR. Sheeran were out of town), she didn’t hesitate calling Rudimental’s Piers Agget. Watch the video below to find out what happened next…

Anne-Marie Is Essex and Proud

“The most Essex thing about me is my voice, probably. I do love the GC (Gemma Collins) though, I was there when she fell down at the Teen Choice Awards which was hilarious but scary!” You and us both, hun!

Anne-Marie’s Zero F**Ks Given Instagram Account Is A MUST-Follow

How many celebrities do you follow that would genuinely take the mick out of themselves? Exhibit A, below. Anne-Marie’s Instagram stories are MUST-watch, genuinely LOL-worthy material, too.

Caption this.

A post shared by ANNE♥MARIE (@annemarieiam) on

Caption this.

A post shared by ANNE♥MARIE (@annemarieiam) on Nov 20, 2017 at 11:49am PST

Anne-Marie’s Style Is Beyond Sass

But what is her biggest fashion regret? “There are so many but any time I have worn a skirt as I just want to open my legs all the time!” Oh, Anne-Marie, just when we couldn’t love you anymore! Side note: can we talk about how great Anne-Marie’s hair colour is too? OBSESSED!

@kenzo #parisfashionweek styled by @phoebelettice

A post shared by ANNE♥MARIE (@annemarieiam) on

@kenzo #parisfashionweek styled by @phoebelettice

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Anne-Marie Has The Best Message For All The F**K Boys

“Stop mugging us off you absolute mugs!” Done and dusted. Anne- Marie, babes, we are not worthy… please be our BFF already!

Anne-Marie’s latest single, Heavy, is out NOW and her debut album is out early 2018


Wait. [SOUND] [LAUGH] Sorry. [LAUGH] [COUGH] [MUSIC] Talk about to a refashioned [UNKNOWN] Heist, and today, sound the alarm [LAUGH] I’m joined by Ann Marie. Yo. Yo, babe. Welcome to my living room. Thanks, it’s very wonderful and cactusy. We’re going to kick things off with one of my all-time favorite games. It’s called small talk. And I’m going to hit you with some hard Hitting heavy questions and you have 15 words to answering them. And I’m going to be keeping count, babe, with my handy little clicker here. Yeah. So, number one. Yep. The interview question you never wanna be asked again? Do you, [SOUND] Have, [SOUND] A, [SOUND] Boyfriend? [SOUND] [LAUGH] Five, [SOUND] Okay, so I’m crossing that off my next question. [LAUGH] Describe your forthcoming album. My days. [SOUND] My days, [SOUND] You’re down to three. No, emotional. Mm-hm. Chiry. [UNKNOWN], Emory. NIne. Emory’s one word. No, but like, it’s almost like a dash. Yeah there is a dash. Not only are you an amazing singer, you’re also three time world karate champion. Yeah, it’s like weird thing to have under your belt, literally. Literally under your belt, wait, wait, wait. [LAUGH] How would you take me down- Yeah In karate. Well. Hold on. [LAUGH] The thing with boys. [NOISE] You can always go. [NOISE] For. [NOISE] The. [NOISE] [SOUND] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Babe, that was by the skin of your teeth, that was 14. [NOISE] [UNKNOWN] is a really empowering song, and I love it. If you were going to send a message to all the fat boys out there right now, what would you say? Stop mugging us off, you absolute mugs. Yeah! [LAUGH] What is your craziest story about touring with Ed [UNKNOWN]? [SOUND] [LAUGH] Mm, it was my birthday. He got me a present. It was the- You’ve got three words. Biggest ****. [LAUGH] He was like, I’ve got your present. Yeah. Come into my room. Cool. And I was like, everyone was in there, though. Yeah. This is the thing, and everyone was filming. I was like, what is going on here? And first so he gave me a bunch of flowers. And I was like, aww. Aww. The note was like, happy birthday [BLEEP]. Pulled out this big box, it was like that big. And I opened it, it was the biggest one you can get in shops. My god. It was like that? More than double that. Babes. Yeah. More of a statue, then, isn’t it? Biggest outfit regret ever. [SOUND] There’s been many. [LAUGH] One, this bracelet. [LAUGH] Any time I’ve worn a skirt. Really? Yeah. Do you have skirt mishaps? I’ve just never felt comfortable in a skirt on stage, especially a short one. I’m constantly running about, and wanting to open my legs for some reason, [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] Great, that’s going to be cut and edited, [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] Well, I mean, it’s the perfect way to end round one, Anne-Marie, you killed it! [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] We are going to play a cracking game of actor/accent. I’ve given you some songs And you’re gonna have to interpret them in style of a celebrity voice and I have to guess who the celebrity is. Okay, this one. Havana, na na. [BLANK_AUDIO] Half of my heart is in Havana, na na. [LAUGH] Who am I? Are you joking? He took me back to East Atlanta na na na. I left my heart in Havana My god, you’re Donald Trump. Yeah! Yeah, my god! What a wanker. What a wanker. [LAUGH] Okay, sorry, [LAUGH] [COUGH] [MUSIC] Mention my name in your tweets, boy, rude boy, shut up. How can you be better than me? Shut up. [LAUGH] To my man shut up. This is going to be a hard one. That was phenomenal. I’ve got no idea what song it is. You’re joking me! No because it sounds like so different. Give me a clue what’s the song? Sormsey shut up! And who are you in that, Thing. It was a key diva, isn’t it? Yeah. Okay he’s a massive diva. But also you have a kind of a [SOUND] sound to it. Are you the queen Celine Dion? Are you absolutely kidding me? You’ve looked at these. No I haven’t, I honestly haven’t. How the hell did you get that? It was like [SOUND]. Shwang. Shwang! That was it. I’m just a genius about that. I don’t like your games, your little games, I don’t like your tilted stage. The role you made me play of the fool, no, I don’t like you. Who am I? I really don’t know. I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time. Honey, I rose from the dead. Check it once and I check it twice, look what you made me do mother ****, look what you made me do. My god, well that’s actually better than Taylor Swift that’s sure. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] But I love this. I do really committed. Yeah. To the hm, hm. I’m gonna go with Eminem. [SOUND] Yeah. Yes! [APPLAUSE] I’m way too good at goodbyes. [LAUGH] I’m way too good at goodbyes. [LAUGH] I’m way too [UNKNOWN] Goodbyes. I’m pregnant now, I’m way to I’m way too [CROSSTALK] I’ve got it. [UNKNOWN] You are Kylie Jenner. Yes. [APPLAUSE] Can I just say- [LAUGH] I’ve played that game many times. This is the Queen of Acaaccent. Bow down, it’s Anne Marie! Whoo! We’re gonna play the game, selfie of shame. What is gonna happen is you’re gonna spin this wheel and each colour corresponds to a tricky, tricky question. If you can’t handle the heat of the question, you have to wear a rather feral accessory. Okay. And at the end, you either have points or the worst outfit you’ve ever taken your whole god damned life. So without any further ado, babes, spin my wheel. Okay. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Yellow. Yellow. Cool. [UNKNOWN] Would you rather David or Brooklyn? [LAUGH] David. Okay. Keeps it classic, babe. How old is Brooklyn? Isn’t he, like, 12? [LAUGH] Babes, he’s like 18 now. Is he? Okay, spin away, babes. [MUSIC]. [LAUGH] How would you, Anne Marie, describe your nips? My nips? A, burger, b, inverted, c, brown, d [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] Big, e, like a 90s mobile [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] I’m not answering it. Okay, here she is. Hold on let me slip her in. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Light blue. What’s the best thing you ever shoplifted?>> [LAUGH] I mean I’m gonna confess we’ve all done it.>>I think I took these really great pair of knickers from somewhere>>When you were a kid right?>>Yeah.>>Yeah. [LAUGH] Crimewatch UK if you’re watching. She’s here. Okay spin away babes. [MUSIC] Medium blue. [UNKNOWN] makes the famous [UNKNOWN] in your fame [UNKNOWN] ordered 56 pizzas their card’s been declined and there’s no answer at their door. [UNKNOWN]. [LAUGH]. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Hello? Hi, Mr. Agget, it’s Julie calling from the pizza place, I’m just letting you know that the 56 pizzas that you’ve ordered are actually outside right now, but your card’s been declined. Yeah, so the thing is, I know this is Anne-Marie. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] How did you know that? Maybe your accent, I don’t know. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I’ve recorded you so much, I know the tone of your voice. [LAUGH] All right [UNKNOWN]. [INAUDIBLE]. Bye. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] My god you [UNKNOWN] lectured. It’s Julie. I know my brain went [SOUND]. Julie. [UNKNOWN]. Who was the last person you defollowed on Instagram? [SOUND] I just don’t feel like I unfollow anyone cuz I feel too bad. After that you’re getting the Diedre glasses, sexy. God. And that has been, Ann Marie. Thank you so much for [UNKNOWN] me, babes. You’ve been full nomenal. . Thanks. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]


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