Are These OGX SetsThe Key To Fuss-Free Glossy Hair

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by: Madeleine Spencer
9 Dec 2017

It’s as easy in beauty as it is in life to forget that you need to get the fundamentals right before you can add embellishment. Think about it in food terms: little is better than a well-brewed tea, or huge slabs of warm, crusty bread, right? Another good example of the importance of getting basics right is on a night in: yes, your sofa being comfy and having nice candles is all very well and good, but without a good friend and a bloody good Netflix binge, there’s no point in any extra details.

Hair is precisely the same. No, really. Without using a good shampoo and conditioner that will gently cleanse and add hydration, you might as well not bother with a cocktail of fancy products after or with styling and what not; nothing will make your hair look better than it being clean and glossy. And – if you plump for one of the OGX gift sets I took for a test run in my latest #MadsAboutBeauty challenge – it smells delicious to boot.

Onto the sets I took for a trial run themselves. There are two: the OGX Limited Edition Pink Sugar Plum Gift Set, and the OGX Limited Edition Vanilla & Chai Spice Gift Set. Watch the video for my response to the fragrance (spoiler: suffice to say I’m pretty into them and the vanilla and chai in particular made me want to go and eat ALL the Christmas biscuits). You’ll also need to watch the video to see my joy in discovering how the seasonal shampoo and conditioners made my hair all glossy and shiny and how they basically made my naturally wavy hair look really great without any faff. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that they’re limited editions for Christmas, so move quickly if you want to give either of them a whirl – or if you want to give them as a gift (side note: BRILLIANT idea to pop them in a box, OGX, as they’re super easy to wrap and look lovely and festive). You can get them at large Tesco stores, in Morrisons, and at Superdrug online and it’s super-affordable too. Go, go, go… 


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