Backstage Beauty Bloopers: The LFW Mistakes That Make Trends

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Hair style at Margaret Howell SS16

Backstage hair and makeup is normally all about precision.  Time is tight and so there is little room for error.  Or is there? This week there must have be something in the water because hairstylists and make-up artists across the board were making mistakes left right and centre!  Are London's finest creatives loosing their touch? No chance.  Accidents, mishaps and downright distasters were in abundance backstage but they were greeted with open arms.  These backstage bloopers were either intentional for effect or celebrated for making the look more believable.  Here are some of our favourites…

The Messy twists at Margaret Howell:  ‘I’m working really really fast on purpose’ explained Anthony Turner as he tied up a nanchelant looking bun backstage at Margaret Howell.  ‘So fast that I’m making mistakes and when I do I’m leaving them alone.  The more time I spend on each knot the more perfect it is and that’s not what I’m after.  In fact it’s not even a knot, it’s a messy twist.’  He was also using his fingers to pull out randam tentrils of hair around the face for a romantic finish.

Scuffed up hair at Holly Fulton:  The FRow at the Holly Fulton must have gotten quite a shock. The first model to walk the runway appeared on the catwalk with the right side of her perfect parting all mussed up – it looked like she had accidentally brushed passed someone on the way out and it had ruined her hair.  ‘We’re creating mistakes today’ explained hairstylist James Pecis, how had prepped hair with Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder on the right hand side of the crown and then buffed his hand upwards to make the hair tuft. ‘It’s a subtle accident.’

Hair style at Osman SS16

Rain fresh hair at Osman:  Moroccanoil Global Ambassador Antonio Corralcalero was in luck with the weather.  He was trying to bring out the natural texture and movement in model’s hair.  ‘Thank god it’s raining today’ he exclaimed as all then models walked in with slightly damp hair. ‘I am hydrating the hair properly with Moroccanoil Treatment but the rain really helps to bring out the girls’ individual texture.’

Make-up at Barbara Casasola SS16 by Alex Box

The Best way to remove mascara at Barbara Casasola:  Make-up artist Alex Box was offsetting earthy skin at Barabara Casasola with a beautiful white eyeliner, which she described as ‘clean and hopeful like a white cloud floating over the sky.’  Pure white eyeliner calls for squeaky clean eyelash and not a scrap of black mascara in sight. ‘I’ve discovered a new technique for getting the lashes completely clean kind of by accident.  You take two clean lash wands and dip them in eyemakeup remover.  Then hold one over the top of the eyelash and the other underneath and roll them down the lash together.’

Beautiful Skincare At Jonathan Saunders SS16

The Athletic skin that actually sweated at Jonathan Saunders:  It was unusually warm on the afternoon of the Jonathan Saunders show and unfortunately the show was staged in a clear plastic tent that heated up to what felt like a sweltering 100 degrees.  The heat was not so good for the hair but gave the model’s skin a beautiful sheen, enhancing the new peach MAC Strobe cream (to be launched next year – gasp!) that Lucia Pieroni had applied.



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