Baffled by the counter beauty? Our new obsession website has the same order

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Not sure what your skin needs? Never fear, Powder is here!

When your beloved moisturizer that you had to, who knows how many years, decided to up and run over you, there is almost nothing worse. Ok, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit ‘, but lose that old faithful know gives your skin an extra boost, it is a serious blow beauty.

So what to do? Nick super expensive serum value than your best friend? A plunge into the depths of your bedroom only to find a cream doubtful day that went out of date more or less around the time that first realized thin eyebrows were over? There is another way …

we found the latest addition to our addiction to online shopping and the easiest way to decode them products are actually right for you -. fear not ladies, Powder is here

Your new single point of beauty online, is officially the easiest way to cut through the BS beauty, finding the perfect skincare products and buy them there and then . No counter girls scary required.

Just answer a few questions to let them know what your skin needs and your preferred price range, and within a minute or two a selection of products tailored exclusively to you (not for the masses of women with all types of skin in the sun) will appear.

Et voila! Skincare Bespoke prescribed specifically for you, without having to wade through masses of bottles covered beauty confusing jargon. Less mass market appeal, plus the personal physician of the skin. And let’s face it, everyone loves a good quiz.

So what are you waiting for? Head . We, the bag beauty (and your skin) Trust will thank you.


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