5 Genius Beauty Hacks We Picked Up Backstage At NYFW

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And there were we thinking we we're pretty good on our beauty tips; blasting a hairdryer on lash curlers for a temporary lash perm? We nailed it as soon as we were old enough to pick up a mascara wand. Beachy waves using irons?  It’s all in the wrist donchaknow.

But this season even we found ourselves taking note as the backstage wunderkinds surprised us with a few pro secrets that we’ll totally be taking home thankyou very much. (P.S. You’re welcome).

1. How to rock your khol

At Phillip Lim, Global Make-Up Artist for Nars, Francelle Daly described how she loved the texture of khol (as opposed to a gel or liquid liner) but in order to get the pigment right into the lashline as seamlessly as possible it’s best to scribble the khol onto the back of your hand first before using a stiff angled brush to actually apply as it offers more control.

There were a lot of Japanese influences in the collection so Francelle wanted the eyeliner to feel a bit architectural (it wrapped around the outer half of the eye) without feeling too dramatic so this application method is spot-on.

2. How to make your brows budge-proof (hint; get your Blue Peter badges out)

When we saw make-up legend Kabuki literally plastering down a model’s eyebrows at Jeremy Scott with one of those stick glues you get at school we were worried that the stress of everything may finally have sent him over the edge. But he calmly explained that it was a trick he’d picked up from winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Violet Chachki. “It’s a water-based wash-off formula which I’m using to set the brows as it flattens them out and almost makes them look a bit plastic."

He added MAC’s Shine Mixing Medium over the top for his ‘Beverley Hillbillies-meets-Lost In Space’ look. “It’s an old-school glamour girl approach to beauty,” he added.

3. How to go straight without losing volume

Over at Carolina Herrera, hair supremo Orlando Pita was creating ‘beautiful, sleek hair’ but there wasn’t a flat crown in sight. How? He prepped the hair with Tresemme’s 24 Hour Body Amplifying Mousse before blowdrying straight. He then etched in an imperfect parting (this will also help give the illusion of a bit of volume at the roots) before using a straightening iron on mid-lengths downwards only.

His genius tip? Don’t close the straighteners all the way so it looks naturally straight rather than ironed to death.

4. How to curl your hair without tools

Give your hair a break from damaging heated appliances by following renowned hair stylist Bob Recine’s lead at Monique Lhullier; “I wanted to create some soft little waves that were really natural-looking rather than ‘hairdresser hair’.

Using a curling tong can give you a more ladylike feel whereas we wanted to keep it looking younger and a bit more ‘undone’.” How did he do it? By loading the hair with Moroccaonoil Curl Control Mousse before twisting little snakes of hair that he fashioned into ‘s’ shapes using his fingers. He left it to set for half an hour before blasting with the hairdryer and gently teasing out with the fingers.

5. How to make your nails look healthier than they are

In New York it was all about a pink nail (seen everywhere from Alexander Wang to Derek Lam). But rather than a Barbie Doll pink, this was more of a healthy glow to the nail. The trick was to start with a ridge-filling base coat to cover any imperfections followed by one coat of pink and finished with a topcoat to keep it super-sheer and also makes it wearable for all skin tones.

At Monique Lhullier nail pro Gina Edwards sheered down the dusty rose colour by mixing in a clear topcoat but warns not to use a quick-drying formula when customizing your colours as the two formulas won’t mix properly and you’ll end up with an uneven finish.


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