7 ways to look just as impressive as Emily Ratajkowski and Elle Macpherson On Beach

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July 10, 2015 06:54 PDT

Let’s face it, when we see pictures of celebrities who seek nothing less than amazing in a teeny weeny polka dot bikini, our self-esteem is not exactly sky rocket.

Since anti-aging abdominal Elle Macpherson (well she is The Body) for probably the sexiest woman alive there just clicks on the beach, sometimes it seems like we were the only ones to struggling with a separation tanned and prickly heat on our vacation, instead of Emily Ratajkowski to look like you could before the magazine cover boys at any given time.

And honestly, when you finally get to escape the office and reading a book than to our e-mail, we are not so bothersome to be insta-ready. Hell, we’ll just take less selfies. But occasionally, when we want to show Instagram that we actually did go on vacation, we would not mind looking and feeling a bit ‘more like a baby beach, a beach bum.

We love you summer, but sunburn and frizzy hair … not so much. So bring on the tips! Elle and Emily watch your back, you have a little ‘competition …

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July 12, 2015 12:56 PDT

Q Is there a way to fill tan lines?

A Yes, but you have to be clever about it. It is a case of wiping over with immediate tan to decrease the contrast, so complete, ling in make-up. Sienna X Instant Bronzing Gel, £ 10.35 has great shading, but celebrity tanning expert James Harknett advises before priming the skin with moisturizer. ‘Usually this goes against the golden rule – on tans developing, moisturizer causes streaks, but with instant formulas helps the product goes on better’, he says. Now for the bit laborious. Bronzing powder are great to fill lines belt, just choose a free-shimmer as Tom Ford Bronzing Powder to Earth, £ 68 Draw in a small, flat brush make-up, then blend with a angle make-up sponge. It ‘a faff, but better than marks belt a little’ uncertain.

QI love holiday hot but I have a real problem with prickly heat. What can I do?

A heat of India, or rashes sweat forms when sweat ducts are blocked and the sweat gets trapped. This causes inflammation, seen as red bumps first. In the short term, to keep Caudalie Grape Water, £ 6 , in the hotel room fridge – it’s a miracle skin-soothing. Then, after a day in the heat, herbalist After Sun Crackling Mousse, £ 25 contains wild chamomile to bring down the swelling. For the permanent action, Dr. Rita Rakus is the only intelligent sweat Clinic in London and you may be directed by the physician. His clinic offers a wide range of solutions as miraDry – zaps controlled electromagnetic energy to the armpits, removing the sweat glands. While sweating is a function of the body essential to the control of the temperature, the house armpits less than 2% of the sweat glands of the body.

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9 July 2015 to 09:37 PDT

q people really wear make-up on the beach?

A They do, but it’s a very different approach. Pack some products in the beach bag that solve multiple problems: one, pure bright lip color with pigment building that can also be studded with cheeks – Charlotte Tilbury Colour Of Youth Lip & Cheek Glow, £ 30 is a winner – a waterproof mascara and something to put on your face to make you look finished. Stila Aqua Glow Perfecting Primer, £ 20 looks beautiful alone -. It moisturizes, tightens pores and reduces swelling induced heat, while aloe extract protects against free radicals and repairs UV damage

IQ will never get an even tan on the legs -? any advice

A Four words. Bespoke Application Sun Cream. Stay with us on this – is a method we swear. Use your usual SPF50 on the face; then SPF30 on the torso. Thighs tan better calves, so use SPF20 from thighs to the knees then SPF15 for calves and ankles. The feet have a high capacity to tanning, so back up to SPF20 on those. It is also worth their weight in bronze Imedeen Tanning Tablets, £ 40.80 how will increase the depth of tan. Finally, Lancaster has a genius new Fast Tan Optimizer, £ 24 that allows you to tan better, as well as providing protection SPF.

QI have very thin hair and always seem to get a separation scald. What can I do

A Here’s something you did not expect 😕 Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, £ 26 is amazing how a scalp after-sun. Calm the itch, he soothes redness and stops desquamation feared. Apply neatly with a clean eye shadow brush along the hairline and separation, and will not even ruin your hairstyle. And ‘better not to get exhausted in the first place, though, so the next time you take Redken Colour Extend Sun shelter SPF25, £ 16.85 with you. It ‘a hair mousse formula and scalp sunscreen is run through with your fingertips, and has the advantage of giving your body roots.

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July 8, 2015 03:11 PDT

Q How do I stop my hair become a frizzy mess?

A We’re listening. Spend the day blissfully assuming the hair has dried Gisele beachy waves but looking in the mirror afterwards, you realize you look like a fool. A great solution is to keep your hair looking wet. Comb Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, £ 29 through with a wide tooth comb. It seems ultra-glamorous shiny slicked back with ridges (very Ursula Andress), and the oil stops hair from frizzing. After enduring sweat, sea, sand and the mask of an entire day, you will find your hair needs a proper washing. TIGI Bedhead Totally Beachin ‘cleaning Jelly Mellow After Sun Shampoo and Conditioner, £ 11.95 and £ 13.95 fight frizz, but still leave locks soft, floating as if it were dry air alone.

Q Why does paint insect repellent nail ruin?

A insect repellents that contain a high concentration of alcohol, solvents and oils, very similar to what can be found in nail polish remover. Be looking for DEET, the most common ingredient, ethanol or propanol are also commonly used as a basis for aerosol bug repellent. ‘If you want to avoid ruining your manicure but remain protected against insects, use a lotion intead,’ suggests Deborah Lippmann. ‘When applying, be careful to avoid the nails as something oily or grease can cause nail color to wear away faster.’ If you break a nail, dab a little ‘polish remover, as Deborah Lippmann Stripper, £ 17 on the fingertip and lightly smooth the ridge where the chip is, then let it dry. ‘To nick bigger,’ he says, ‘take your color and lightly dab in the chip – to resist the temptation to smooth out over the nail, as this boosts in general appearance of the chip.’

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July 11, 2015 to 09:28 PDT


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