Are You Doing It? The Lipstick Hack Karlie Kloss Stole From Beyoncé

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Karlie Kloss at the Met Ball 2015

Karlie Kloss always looks flawless, especially with those high cheekbones and cat-like eyes. Now, the supermodel is sharing her red carpet beauty look, and you can do it at home – trust us on this one!

Filming a make-up tutorial for her Klossy YouTube channel, Karlie and make-up artist Sir John spilled on exactly how he made Karlie up for the Met Ball, including a lipstick hack he learned from Beyoncé. If Queen Bey approves, we better take note… Are you ready?

1. Sir John starts by prepping Karlie’s brows, pencilling them in with a soft brown shade and setting with powder. As Sir John says, “if you don’t add powder, you won’t see your brows by lunch”.

2. He then follows with the eyes, using a taupe shadow to add shape. “Taupe is every girls best friend”, according to Karlie. 

3. Using a black eyeliner on Karlie's lash line, Sir John makes three marks across the lid up to where he wants the eyeliner to end, and smudges out with his finger.

4. Use a back and forth motion to add mascara, “just like you’re brushing your teeth”, Sir John defines Karlie's eyes.

5. After the eyes are done, Sir John starts on the base, which Karlie likes to keep as minimal as possible. Sir John applies a thin layer of foundation, as well as concealer under the eyes, betwenen the eyebrows and onto the forehead, and finally, the chin.

6. Karlie then contours with the same taupe shade used on her eyes, sweeping colour up to the temples and down the cheekbones. Add highlight to catch the light and "make cheekbones pop".

7. Here comes that Beyoncé hack… when applying a nude pink shade on Karlie's lips, Sir John shows the super exactly how to make that lipstick stick. “You tap colour on to your lips, and then press the bottom lip over the top one”. Watch the video above for a facial demonstration of this genius move…

8. The finishing touch? Add powder across your T-zone and you’re good to go!


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