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Clarins Gym Make-Up

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After record the Liberty -print Nike running shoes under your desk, your colleague gym-bunny managed to talk to you to join her for a workout tomorrow night. Even if you like to go out from the stress of the day in office on the treadmill, you prefer to do it alone because a stroke can leave you with a bright red face. Some cosmetics are applied strategically fortunately all you need to stop yourself from feeling embarrassed, as you clock up kilometers alongside your colleague.

We need all of your attention? Yup? Go on.

Able to even out the skin tone and hide flaws, a thin layer of Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 25 will certainly help to mask rosy cheeks. Because it would be more the product of a traditional base? While it might not provide coverage the most accurate, it is all you need for a little boost of confidence in the gym. More face glammed-up for a night hardly get in the mood for a session of sprint, right?

We are sure you will be happy to know that we have found a way to stop your base applied subtly slipping too. A light misting of the company holding Clarins Fix Make-Up Spray will do the trick in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to your eyes, you should take the approach that less is definitely more. A touch of Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara will create dark lashes and more often in a quick scan. Although you might be tempted to add a second coat, we’d advise sticking to one. This makes it less likely to run if your faces become wet with sweat.

A heavy lipstick is also a no no. Revive and nourish your pout with a little ‘ Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm instead.

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