Beauty bride: 7 things I learned from my marriage

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1) If you do something before your wedding, have a facial

I was told by friends that I married really need one of these goodbyes. They were right – in the weeks before the big day I woke up with crazy thoughts at 3 am like ‘I ordered the right kind of small labels luggage?’ and my skin had begun to take on a yellowish appearance zombie bride. Sexy.

The Monday before my wedding I had a Advanced ESPA Skin Radiance Facial at the Corinthia Hotel. This is known as the ‘red carpet’ face because they make your skin break out in an uneven mess and then you can (in theory) walk a red carpet / down the hall the next day. Uses facial-natural products that smell like paradise ESPA and lull you into a state of drowsiness, while the beautician exfoliates the skin with a brush Clarisonic, massage in a quartz crystal pink potion and slathers on a leather mask lifting fresh which hardens on the face like hot wax. The facialist said my skin would look the best four days after treatment, but the tone was even and clear until the end of my honeymoon trip two weeks later. I liked it so much that I spent a small fortune later on skin products ESPA, that smell so good my new husband had to use them too.

2) Wear the proper foundation

A lot of brides shy away from having their make-up professionally done their marriage day because they are worried that they do not feel or look alike, but I was very happy to leave the beauty side of things a professional. My make-up artist Arabella Hewitt advised me to have a pre-wedding facial to make sure my skin was a nice smooth canvas (see above, ticks) and we also did a test – needless to say this is pretty basic – to work out the right look

If your goal is to look like you, but in an incredible day, then I think using their basis is pretty basic .. Nothing is more personal to you, and anything else (even if it is of better quality) will sit oddly on your skin if you’re not used to it. We make sure the shade you’re wearing is the right one, though. I did a test corresponding color No.7 a month before my wedding and it proved the foundation I was wearing was a bit ‘too dark.

3) Get your eyebrows waxed

If you do normally, I’d recommend to exchange the tweezers for eyebrow wax. You’ll get a more clean than you would by plucking and you do your face extra definition for close-ups. Just make sure you go to a beautician …

4) Tiles all appointments beauty in wedding planning

All waxes / face / pedis take up a ridiculous amount of headspace farewells. I have to book way in advance and everything all at once in order to avoid panic that I had the week before, when I could not find anywhere in the area of ​​West Sussex with any available slot manicure – never underestimate the services throughout out of beauticians campaign, especially in peak holiday season.

5) Attention spray tan (unless it is rich tea biscuit)

About 80% of all spray tans I ever had made me look radioactive, but then I’m very pale and have always tried to do it cheaply. If you are going to have one for your wedding then go for a test and be prepared to spend more than you normally would. My colleagues swear by the genius InStyle James Harknett , the W Hotel ‘Tom Ford tanning’ which also gives the skin a very pale beautiful glowy, rich tea biscuits tan.

6) Wash your hair the night before

I have dry hair, thick that frizzes unless it is dry. My hairdresser advised me to wash and blow dry the night before the wedding and it was much more manageable as a result – too soft, fluffy hair is much more difficult to style.

7) Use a designated ‘make-up bridesmaid’

I stupidly forgot that I had any kind of bag with me on the same day, in so be sure to ask a reliable friend to bring a bit ‘of your make-up around in their pouch in the day in case you want to do any pre-photo retouching. Although by the time you had your second glass of fizz will be too wrapped up in the day by …

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