Boxer Braids: How To Get The Fashion Girl's Fav New Plait

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Boxer braids are offish the street styler hair trend from fashion week — are they for everyone? No. Are they for every occasion? No. But we still want to know how they're done, in case we ever wanted to try them out.

They're not just for a badass weekend look or running the marathon, the plaited style has got two very enthusiastic thumbs up from models, actresses and the fashion elite as seen in Paris on Karlie Kloss, Hanneli Mustaparta and Chiara Ferragni.  


Here's how it's done…

1. Using a tail comb, centre part your hair dead down the middle into two sections. Then, using the comb, split those two sections into two again, going horizontally, so you have four sections. The top section should be thicker. Keep three of the sections separate by securing with a hair tie but leave one of the bottom sections free for braiding. 

2. Take a small piece of hair from the front of the bottom section of hair that's free and split into three like you're going to do a regular French plait. Start braiding but make sure you weave the hair from the middle outwards (instead of a usual plait which is outside in) so the plait sits on top of the hair like a cornrow rather than a traditional French plait. THIS IS KEY! 

3. Braid your way down the head weaving in more hair as you go and making sure you keep the plait as tight as possible. Secure with a clear elastic tie at the bottom.

4. Repeat for the top section of hair on the same side and make extra effort to keep the plait tight as the thicker section of hair will be more unruly. Secure with an elastic hair tie.

5. Take the bottom of both braids and remove the hair ties making sure to keep the plaits as tight as possible still. Twist the two braids round each other then split all of the hair into three new sections and plait as usual so both braids merge into one at the bottom. Secure with an elastic hair tie.

6. Repeat for the other side, checking every now and then that it's symmetrical. Fix in place with hairspray and use a little gel or styling cream to smooth away any baby hairs or flyways. 

Et voila! 

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