Can You Do Your Makeup With A Sock? (Answer – Totally)

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Yes, it sounds crazy, but you can totally do your makeup with a sock. Yup, you heard right, a sock. When seriously expensive makeup brushes still leave streaks and you just can’t bring yourself to spend your hard earnt cash on yet another addition to your ever growing brush collection, never fear, just pick up a handy sock instead.

Humble but effective, doing your makeup with a sock is actually the latest way to get a flawless base AND nail your contouring. Not sure how? Georgetown reveals all…

How to do your… foundation

1. So the first thing you need is a sock, duh.

2. Turn it inside out and twist into a rope.

3. Fold it in on itself to form a ball with a flat-ish top to act as a pad. Yup, your sock is now officially a makeup brush.

4. Apply your foundation directly onto the sock.
5. Pat onto your skin and blend using the sock.

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How to do your…contouring

1. Draw cream bronzer (we like a stick because it makes things way easier) along your jawline, under your cheekbones, across your forehead and down the sides of your nose.

2. Blend using the sock!

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How to do your…powder

1. Finish off the look by setting everything with powder.
2. Take a clean sock and wear it on your hand (yes, like a sock puppet).

3. Dip your hand with the sock on into the powder.
4. Dab onto any shiny areas like your nose, t zone and chin.

EXTRA:  If you’re into baking your makeup, try using a sock for this as well to help concentrate the powder on specific areas and leave to bake!


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