Dare To Bare! The DIY Guide To Perfect Party Season Feet

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When the inevitable wet weather sets in and it's already dark when you leave work and somehow still dark when you wake up, there's nothing better than indulging in a comfy pair of winter boots and never taking them off ever again. But when we're wearing them everyday it's fair to say our feet get a little neglected. We don't want to say Hobbit but…

When the party season kicks in and it's no longer acceptable to wear your UGGs to every social event, it's time to prep, preen and generally make sure no one drops their cocktail at the sight of your newly released feet. Cracked heels and dodgy paint jobs be gone, this is our guide to perfect party feet, Ped Eggs at the ready!

1. Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation, £175


Everyone needs a hi-tech foot file for party-season feet. This one promises ten-times smoother results than manual buffing, so it's like getting a proper spa pedi. A textured metal smoothing disc sloughs away rough skin while a wet/dry buffing head  and the exfoliating Sonic Smoothing Treatment polish your heels, leaving them super smooth.


Despite having half-heartedly reached for the pumice stone a couple of times, we knew that the job of beautifying my feet was going to be a big one. So we were more than a little sceptical that this latest addition to the Clarisonic range would have the desired effect on our soles. We were wrong.

Starting off on dry feet, I used the Pedi Smoothing Disc to buff away the hard skin (so basically quite a few layers of our feet). So far, so good although it didn't feel as though it was doing an awful lot to help, other than leaving our foot with a vibrating sensation. Next, it was off with the Smoothing Disc and on with the Wet/Dry Buffing Brush, before jumping into the shower where we applied a dollop of the Sonic Smoothing Treatment before cranking the speed dial up to high and buffing away. Leaving one foot as our "control", we dried off, rubbed our hand over our foot and was surprised to see a tangible difference. We're going to be upping our foot care ante from here on in.

2. Footner Exfoliating Socks, £19.99


Possibly the laziest way to kiss cracked heels goodbye, these socks promise 'baby soft feet' by causing your dead skin to peel off over ten days. Only a little gross…


After applying our socks whilst watching this week's Downton we weren't convinced at first that anything had happened. Oh how wrong we were. Cue the next ten days as our feet completely shed their skin. Like, a lot of skin. Who even knew our feet had that much dry skin?

Pretty gross but totally addictive, we spent many an hour peeling our feet, to the slight disgust of our boyfriend. Remember when you were in primary school and you used to paint your hands with PVA glue so you could peel it off after and how good that felt? This is better. Just don't wear open toe shoes until the peeling stops or you might get some slight, 'What the hell is happening to you?' looks.

The result? Totally smooth feet that genuinely feel much softer and way less rough. You just have to be ok with not being 100% attractive for ten days. We're fine with that.

3. LUSH Volcano Foot Mask, £6.75


Because when you're on your feet all day they could do with some loving. This cooling clay mask contains deodorising ingredients to de-stink your feet, fresh tomato to cool, lemon oil to refresh and pumice to add extra exfoliation. Nice.


Doing as advised by LUSH themselves we smeared the mask onto our feet before covering with a plastic bag and leaving for 20 minutes. So safe to say, it wasn't the most glamorous DIY pedi we've ever done. But, the cooling effect of the mask was appreciated by our tube-worn feet and they definitely smelt better than when we first got home. Post Clairsonic buffing and scrubbing, this was a welcome chill out and our toes were definitely soothed if a little warm from the plastic bags.

4. Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, £25


The pedicure queen, Margaret Dabbs knows a thing or two about fabulous feet. This award winning lotion (wooooooo) leaves feet 'deeply nourished and soft to the touch' with the help of Emu Oil (yes, from the large bird) and lemon myrtle.


First things first, it smells great. Lemon myrtle you sneaky amazing smelling ingredient you. It's true, we do love a peppermint foot scrub, but it was refreshing for our feet not to smell like toothpaste for once. And we're pretty convinced the Emu Oil is to thank for our super soft tootsies.

We went for the more is more approach and applied several layers, but if your heels aren't as rock hard as ours, one coat would do. We smoothed over our newly crack free feet once a day and would happily do so for the rest of our lives if the pot hadn't run out. Darn. Margaret Dabbs, you foot genius you.


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