David Gandy’s 5 Rules For Looking Hot In The Heat (Spray Tans Included)

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Jul 9, 2015 at 7:37am PDT


1. Get Your Tan On

‘I certainly look better with a tan – it’s nice when you go away you’ve got this lovely glow like you’ve just come off the beach. I go to James Harknett at the W Hotel for my spray trans, he’s so lovely and tranquil so he’s always my guy. Well when you’re doing a photoshoot and you’ve got to go from British Winter skin to looking like this Mediterranean guy in a day you need a spray tan!’

2. Get Savvy With Your SPF

‘The English are useless at sun block. Even I’m guilty of it – I was skiing last week and got completely burnt because I used the wrong factor. You’ve got to remember the UV!’


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Feb 25, 2016 at 6:49am PST

3. Perfect Summer Skin Starts With Serum

‘So many of my female friends complain about their boyfriends stealing their moisturisers, and I’m always like, ‘Oh I totally do that…’.  You steal a tiny bit and then you realise this little pot is about £400 so you’re like ok maybe I won’t be using that again! But men are so useless, they’re happy with a crappy moisturiser.

Really they need to be using a serum but I don’t think anyone’s told them that! I have three steps, a scrub, a serum and a moisturiser and the serum’s is the most important. I’m basically obsessed with SK2 products.’

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4. Wear A Citrus Scent (If You Wanna Get With Gandy)

‘I love a subtle citrusy fragrance on a woman, but not when they wear too much. Sometimes you hug someone and you feel like you’re eating their perfume! I’m very much about subtlety. Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue for men, £39, always reminds me of the first time I did a campaign shoot for them. Whenever I wear it, it takes me back to being on a speedboat with Mario Testino on the Amalfi Coast.’


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Jul 24, 2014 at 8:57am PDT

5. Work Out And Eat Lean

‘I’m a gym guy so I normally workout 3 or 4 times a week. If I’m trainng for something I’ll up it to 5 times a week and increase my protein intake. I’m a massive foodie so I cook loads. I’ll get all my friends round for a roast when I’m feeling lazy but otherwise I eat really healthily. I’ll put together loads of salads and I love Asian food.

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I always look at a recipe and swap out the things that taste great like butter and double cream and replace them with healthier alternatives. I was at a friend’s the other day and we had a veggie bolognese and it was so good, I couldn’t even tell there wasn’t meat in it. My mum says I used to hum when I ate as a child because I was so happy and I keep finding myself doing it now!’


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Feb 10, 2014 at 1:37pm PST


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