Ellie Goulding's Guide To Getting Party-Ready

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Ellie Goulding has enjoyed her fair share of parties. If she’s not DJ’ing at Prince Harry’s 30th, she’s popping up at VB’s Fashion Week do, or making a big entrance at every Brits after-bash going. And who can forget that wedding reception where she performed Your Song for the newlyweds’ first dance (the couple in question being Wills and Kate).

We caught up with Ellie to find out the secrets behind her awesome look…
‘Eyeliner is my party speciality. When I was a teenager, I’d say that my style was quite gothic – I had black hair, my lip pierced and  spent every day perfecting my eyeliner. I was known as the girl with the big eyeliner flicks. My family are all really good with their make-up too. My nana is super-glamorous and my sister Jordan is very into her beauty, she’s even had eyebrow tattoos and stuff. I think we’ve all kind of taken it on. Don’t get me wrong though, I love not wearing any make up too!’

‘Beat post-party dark circles with a drink. Green tea, that is. I drink loads of it and staying super-hydrated is the key to looking fresh the next day. But the best thing I’ve done for my face is to give up meat and fish – I’ve really noticed it in my skin, my eyes and my body, it’s amazing. I think people just work really well not eating meat or at least cutting down on it, even if it’s not for any moral reason.’

‘I can’t compete with Katy Perry’s make-up. It’s insane. Whenever we see each other, she instantly goes: “Where are your lashes from, who did your make-up?” She wants to know everything. I’m not nearly as dedicated as her, she’s immaculate.’

‘I’ve had my share of party make-up disasters. The most recent was at the film festival in Toronto. As I was sitting there with Cara (Delevingne) drunkenly talking to famous actors and lawyers and the like, I suddenly got paranoid that my make-up had come off and that I was looking really pale (I’m obsessed with being too pale). So I got out my MAC lipstick and did my usual trick of applying a couple of dabs to my cheeks, which would have been great, had
I remembered to rub it in! I was completely oblivious to why people were laughing at me. It wasn’t until I got to my hotel and drunkenly looked in the mirror that I realised I looked like a clown.’

‘I like to spend time getting ready. My best friend is an expert at doing her lashes in the back of the car, usually whilst on the phone, but I find the whole ritual of putting my make-up on quite therapeutic. My flat’s pretty dark and little, so I tend to do my make-up in the bathroom – if I switch all the lights on I can just about see what I’m doing. On the rare occasions I get to go on a girls’ night out, I’ll get a few of my friends to come over and we’ll listen to cheesy club music and drink champagne even if we never actually end up going to a club.’

‘Smoky eyes are hard! I love to put loads of lashes on, but I’m terrible at doing my eyeshadow, I can never figure it out. One of my eyes kind of droops slightly, so when I go to do a smoky eye it always f***s up. I do love lip liner too. Not a lot of people wear it, but I pile it on. I’ve got quite big lips with a big philtrum – they’re just quite pale.’

‘Nothing beats having a professional artist do your make-up. I’m pretty good at doing my own though, but whenever I get papped and it’s me that’s done it, I always think “urgh”. I have my own awesome make-up artist and friend, Lucy, who comes on tour with me and has known my face since I did my very first video over five years ago, so she knows what to do to make it look the best it can.’

‘Use your fingers. It’s the best tip I’ve picked up from Lucy. There are so many different brushes and God-knows what else out there, but your hands are your best tools especially for applying foundation and covering dark, tired eyes, which is something we all suffer from over the party season.’

‘Having my own make-up range is surreal. Seeing the first bits come through with my logo on was so cool – I can’t wait to wear them on a night out. Starring in the campaign was a bit weird as it’s not what I’m used to, but I feel like I’m finally at that point where I’ve accepted the way I look. There’s a magic that comes with liking yourself and not trying to be something you’re not.’

‘My must-have party product? Powder. I love MAC’s Mineralize powder (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, £24); I’ve got really glowy skin and it’s great for blotting your T-zone when you’re out as well as giving great coverage.’


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