Festival Nails: Our step-by-step …

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Obtaining Shattered Glass Nails …

1) Paint two coats of the nail Day LA

2) With the blue nail art pen draw random shapes all over the nail and the color in

3) Using the brush on the nail art pen white paint a half moon on the nail and fill

4 ) Paint white curved lines up the nail to the tip

5) Finish with a top coat shiny glassy class

How to get the peace sign Nails …

1) Paint the nail with two coats of contact surfaces

2) Use Day LA and private aircraft paint two vertical stripes down the nail

3) Heart Of Darkness use the brush to dab large animal print look broken all over the nail, but randomly evenly

4) Using the brush white nail art pen draw the outline of a peace sign, and then color in the space around the sign

5) Finish with a coat Classy Glassy Glossy top

Obtaining brilliant Starry Nails …

1) based on a white base of Your Love One

2) With the brush of pink nail art pen to paint a curved line on the tip of the nail and fill

3) Using the brush of yellow nail art pen draw the outline of a star and then compile

4) Repeat above with light pink and orange Pens nail, putting randomly but evenly stars on the entire nail

5) Finish with a top coat shiny Classy Glassy

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