Festival-Proof Your Skin

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Whether you’re glamping at Glasto, chilling at a tepee gathering or raving ’til dawn at Bestival, chances are you’ll have been planning your Alexa Chung festival look for months, right down to the cut-off denims and kaftan.

It’s a time to have the most fun with old friends – and make new ones too. All of which is fine if you’re got bags of confidence and are up for being sociable. But if you’re among the 1.3 million adults who suffer from acne*, the thought of being up close and personal with thousands of other people may be making you feel anxious in case you get a flare-up.

Best face forward
Dermalex Acne Treatment is a great new treatment for mild to moderate acne. Its breakthrough technology, MEC4 complex, has been proven to reduce symptoms, swelling and redness and users reported 50% fewer spots when they used it twice daily for four weeks.** Dermalex Acne Treatment doesn’t dry your skin out either, as it moisturises and forms a protective barrier against the bacteria that causes acne.

A lack of sleep while you dance the night away, a higher alcohol intake than usual, exposure to sun or – more likely – rain, and crashing out under canvas in less than hygienic conditions can all cause your skin's pore-blocking oil production to go into overdrive and make your acne worse. And when you’re on a post-festival high, the last thing you want is to turn up back at work looking like your skin’s really taken a hammering.

So, if acne is troubling you right now, pop a tube of Dermalex Acne Treatment in your festival rucksack along with your sunscreen and wellies. And, no matter how much fun you’re having, remember to cleanse twice a day using wipes for acne-prone skin, followed by Dermalex Acne Treatment. It will help your skin this summer and leave you free to lose yourself in the music.

Find Dermalex Acne Treatment exclusively at Boots stores in the medicated skincare aisle and online at Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, it’s also free from perfumes, antibiotics, steroids and parabens. Visit to find out more.


** SOURCE: An innovative approach to the topical treatment of acne. A Sparavigna, B Tenconi, I De Ponti, L La Penna. Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology 9 April 2015



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