Forget Contouring, This Is How To Master Strobing (Instant Glow Guaranteed)

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Forget Kim K Kontouring, our latest beauty obsession is all about Strobing. It might sound a little sci-fi, but we're not talking laser quest here, Strobing is officially the latest way to get a glow worthy of the red-carpet. The secret celeb beauty trick to looking, well, completely amazing, everyone's doing it. Miranda Kerr's supermodel skin? That's Strobing. Kendall's totally enviable dewy complexion and sculpted cheekbones? Yup, Strobing as well.

So what even is it?

Unlike contouring, rather than making the low points of the face appear more shadowed, Strobing brightens and illuminates the high points on the face for that fresh futuristic glow. It's way easier to master and a lot lighter on the skin, so there's no need to worry about it melting off! Summer friendly instead of sweaty? Tick.

Why now?

It all started at Issey Miyake's SS15 show where MUA Alex Box transformed models into glowing goddesses with a futuristic touch. Since then celebs like Amanda Seyfried, Kendall Jenner (rebelling against her sister's famous contouring) and Karlie Kloss have jumped on the brightening bandwagon to rock it on the red carpet.

Ok, so what do we do?

1. Hydrate

To start off you want your skin to be plump and hydrated, to do this massage a radiance-enhancing moisturiser into the skin. We love the M.A.C Strobe Cream, £24.50 (appropriate, non?) as it de-stresses and freshens the skin, and also contains iridescent particles to make your skin glow. The best bit? If you're worried about your skin not appreciating the extra layer of makeup everyday, this lightweight formula also contains anti-oxidants and green tea extracts to help improve your skin condition over time. Nice.

2. Prime

Shimmery products have a tendency to highlight and cling to dry patches of skin, not good. Primer is the answer. Smooth any lumps and bumps or large pores with NARS Light Optimising Primer, £26. It's oil-free and contains SPF15 to help protect your skin against sun damage as well as prepping the surface for getting your glow on.

3. Foundation & Concealer

For this look you want flawless looking skin.  NARS' legendary Sheer Glow Liquid Foundation, £31 has a medium coverage and satin finish to give you an airbrushed look. Don't be tempted to go too heavy with your base, we're going for youthful and dewy not contoured and cakey.

Cover any imperfections or dark circles with a slightly warm-toned concealer. Beware of cooler shades, it might seem logical to cover darkness with paler makeup, but a warmer tone will avoid your under eyes looking ashy. And, let's face it, no one wants that.  Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage, £26.50 is a must. It's two-shade system is super pigmented meaning you can easily get your perfect colour match without piling on loads of product. Remember, the key to Strobing is to make it look as if you just woke up like this. Healthy glow is the goal people!

4. Highlight

The actual strobing part of the process, to get that really intense highlight you need to layer products. A cream highlighter with a powder highlight on top is a guaranteed way to add instant glow with a flawless finish. Benefit's High Beam, £19.50 is a classic cream highlight which has a really easy application with it's handy little brush. Simply dot this along the high points on your face; the cheekbones, cupids bow, bridge of the nose, brow bone, inner corner of the eye and the centre of the forehead.

Set the highlighter in place and remove any hint of greasiness with a light dusting of powder over the same areas of your face. Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, £30 powder is perfect for this, just make sure you choose the right shade for your skin tone. If you're a paler lady, Moonstone will work a treat, for those of you lucky enough to work a darker skin tone, Opal will look less chalky.

Our top tip?  If you're wearing a low cut or shoulderless top, sweep the highlighter across your collarbone, it'll do wonders for your all over glow.

Et voila! Ultra-glowy, healthy looking skin in minutes. Strobing never seemed so easy.

By Alexandra Howe

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