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Forget garlands of flowers and sticky dubious glitter of the 2015 festival the trick is all about keeping things fresh with an injection of color and thin silver embellishment. Rimmel London spokeswoman Kirstin Piggott showed us how …

The Patchwork Lip

Nobody wants to be carrying around a briefcase bulging make-up to Glasto. Festival chic asks for a large scale in terms of new products – but how do you look hot rock star? Cue the suggestive pout ‘patchwork’ (stained to show Eudon Choi), who only need a couple of butts bright lipstick to get the look and it does not require much more all on the front make-up.

Kirstin says: ‘This multi-tone lip is as easy as it sounds, but it still feels a little’ fun and different to a normal mouth brilliant. Keep everything else super-compared back (I simply added a bit ‘of brilliance to the lids and use a red lip pencil to define the edges of the lips slightly before filling with three different shades of long-lasting lipstick. My suggestion is to add a little ‘of eye shadow and blush over the top of each color to set it’.

The Metallic Eye

Metallic the eyes were made for festivals. Their ramp up to levels Pyramid Stage with the addition of some silver rhinestones. Kirstin says: ‘Start by taking a little’ of silver eye shadow and wetting before applying it to the cover as this will make it last longer. I went for a slightly triangular shape by pulling the eye corners and burrs that below the line of the bottom lashes before adding my crystals. The key of each facial beautification is to keep the skin clean as possible so that they remain put long. ‘

The Sunset Eye

A festival is a place where you know that you can get away with rainbow colors on your eyes . Kirstin says: ‘We decided to opt for colors that do not always go for the life of every day, but that’s the beauty of the festival makeup. For these colors statement, you want your skin to look super clean and fresh and so I always begin with a primer as it will help to even everything out without looking caked in makeup. ‘

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