How to apply fake tan (a beauty editor Who Knows)

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Leave tanning last

Shaving, waxing, mani / pedi – all you need to do get sorted first before applying self-tanner. These treatments will remove all color if you leave them for a session of post-glam tan.

Do not forget your face

It ‘pretty much ingrained in us that we need to exfoliate before tanning to get rid of dry skin. If you are new to the science behind a faux glow here’s why: fake tan tends to cling bit shaky, leaving with dark spots misleading. (And yes, it looks bad as it sounds). But when we spot the pre-tanning session, we often forget our face. Body scrubs are too harsh for the delicate skin on the neck in order to use a Clarisonic brush cleaning instead paired with a salicylic acid cleanser to polish your way to a smooth and even complexion.

Avoid oil unless Vaseline

oil products will form a barrier on the skin in order to choose a body scrub made from cream when exfoliating. On the flipside, dot Vaseline along the eyebrows and around your hairline and cuticles before applying self-tanner to avoid revealing orange spots on these areas and dab a moisturizer oil-free light over large areas prone to drought, as the ankles and elbows.

Fix pores with peas. Seriously

Just like dry patches of skin absorbs the color so will open the pores. Rub a bag of frozen peas over the legs before applying self-tanner to prevent loads of small brown spots appear. The cold helps close pores.

Make sure your skin is dry

No, not dry and flaky (we covered this above!), But without water, oil and other liquid droplets. Even the smallest amount of water may be the culprit of the long, irregular strips.

Combine the formula

I do not know what kind of fake tan to use? Mousse are usually the easiest to apply and rub in spray, but they are great to get the color in those hard to reach places. It ‘best to use one or the other, but if you decide to pair two types of formulas sure to use the same brand and the same color so you do not end up with a color gradient.

No glove, no love

Always wear gloves or latex gloves to avoid those dreaded orange palms. Use long sweeping strokes when applying self-tanner, starting from the feet moving upward and inward from the wrists. Rub the color in different directions to mix well and avoid streaks or bands.

If you have time, use

Similar to the sun, fake tan looks more natural when applied slowly. So if you want to have a golden glow for a big event to initiate the process of three days in advance. Apply a thin layer of fake tan on the first day and evaluate how it develops before building the color with another thin layer the next day.

Yes can pretend facial

If, like me, you do not like apply self-tanner on your face mix a foundation dew with two drops of liquid bronzer before smoothing it on face and neck. Will fade naturally with the color on the neckline, but the trick is to blend, blend, blend!

Invest in a body brush

Having trouble reaching your back? If you have no one around to help (believe me, it is the easiest method) try this trick: use a long-handled body brush to scrub your back first. Then, put the glove -covered faux tan- on the bristles to apply the color down each shoulder and center back.

Try this hand work

Getting the color on your hands just right can be the hardest part of the fake tanning. To create a line of natural looking tan on the wrists inward apply moisturizer based on the palms of the hands in a circular motion to blur the line and create a subtle fading where does the color.

And this is without doubt the best trick …

At the end of the fake tan your body to remove the gloves and clean the back of hands on the lower back. You will get a touch of color without using your hands. Use a cotton swab to clean any excess tan gathered around the cuticles.

take a cold shower

When you’re washing out color guide keep water cold as possible, because the hot water favors only fake tan to break down faster.

Draw on muscle tone

Try this trick backstage for super slim pins defined: post-shower dust a matte bronzer over your legs for create definition. Then, take a shimmering bronzer on the front legs only to stretch and thin down. Do the same with your pre-tanned belly dusting bronzer on the sides of your life to help reduce the area.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

exaggerated with the spray can? Do not worry. Fake tans have a lifespan of about seven days. If you can not wait that long, a steam room and sauna. This will encourage the tan to fade faster and more evenly.


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