How To Bare Your Awkward Bits (When You Finally Brave That Bikini)

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Yikes! I’ve got spots on my back

Give bacne a Photoshop-style retouch. 
‘Treat body blemishes just as you would spots on your face,’ says Nichola Joss, Kate Moss’s skincare guru. ‘Apply apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil first, then use concealer.’ We love Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction, £21.50. Speed up bruising fade-out by taking oral arnica.

OMG I’ve gotta wear a bikini

Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow’s 70s vibe bush is catching on. Praise be. The ‘XX Extra’ is the new It shape, according to Ministry of Waxing. It’s tidy and manicured, but still oh-so au naturel. Ask your waxer for a G-string bikini line.

My ankles look blue

Need an instant glow – minus the orange streaks (soz, Kylie J)? The big bare skin debut is way less scary with St.Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion, £15. Think weekend getaway colour straight from a tube.

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My toes are scaring me

How to get prettier toes? Switch the buffer for chamois leather. Seriously. ‘It gives nails natural shine and helps stimulate the blood circulation under your nails for healthier growth,’ says foot maestro Bastien Gonzalez. Beautiful toes can be yours with his Reverence de Bastien Nail Brightness Pearly Buffing Cream, £42, and Bare Feet by Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Cracked Heel Balm, £9.50.

My midriff needs help

Stick the kettle on if you want 
to go All Saints and get that midriff out. High-grade matcha tea is a potent fat-burner for a flatter tum. 
Why? It contains high levels of catechins, a compound 
that boosts metabolism.

I hate my arms

Stop mourning long sleeves. Blitz ugly elbows and chicken-skin bumps with your own mini microdermabrasion. Double up with an exfoliating glove and lactic acid body buffer, like Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Polish, £19.50.

Oh god, my bottom

Need to get your butt looking a bit more steely for those lighter fabrics? Hot Buns Radiofrequency treatment at Woodford Medical (from £195 a session) uses the latest quadripolar tech to hone excess wobble. Dr Mervyn Patterson says: ‘Multiple layers of radiofrequency energy disrupts deeper fat storage and tightens surface skin for a perkier bottom.’

Smooth legs please

Stop borrowing your boyfriend’s razor. FFS (our phrase of choice when we nick our legs) also stands for Friction Free Shaving, a subscription saviour that delivers four fresh blades through your letterbox monthly, from £3.

Orange peel effect

Don’t mention cellulite = every girl’s high-summer nemesis. Give lazy fat cells a wake-up call with Dove Derma Spa’s Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roll-On, £9.99.

It hurts!!

Wimping out on DIY waxing? ‘Pop a painkiller 
30 minutes beforehand and avoid waxing pre-time of the 
month when your pain threshold’s lower,’ advises Arezoo Kaviani, celeb therapist. ‘Hold skin taut, pull off the wax 
in a sharp, swift movement, and ice the area afterwards.'

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