How To Cover A Tattoo By Kat Von D And The Pros In The Know

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How to cover a tattoo? We asked the pros in the know, yup, we’re talking about LA Ink icon and tattoo extraordinaire Kat Von D and Elizabeth Tagg Wooster aka the head of Pinewood Studios Iver Make-Up Academy (where they film Harry Potter and James Bond to you and me) so she knows a few things about covering up celeb tattoos.

Need to cover that edgy sleeve up for your cousin’s country wedding? Here’s how…

The Logistics:

‘For any kind of skin camouflage you need several colours because natural skin is made up of lots of different colours’, says Elizabeth. ‘First look at the main colour of the tattoo: if it is blue black, which is most common, then you need to neutralise this colour. If you look at a colour wheel, choose the one that sits opposite it – in the case of blue/black this is orange/red.’ Use a neutralising colour, then go over the top with a skin tone shade.

Top Tip: Mix in white for lighter skin tones and more golden shades for darker skin tones.


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How It’s Done:

    •    Apply the first neutralising colour with a stippling brush to cover the tattoo.
    •    Fix with setting powder.
    •    Apply a skin tone coloured foundation/concealer over the top using a stippling brush again.
    •    Finish with more setting powder.

Top Tip: Create a realistic finish by dotting random freckles on top of the cover up.

What You Need:

    •    Neutralising colour – Kryolan Derma Colour (Elizabeth recommends the D32 shade to neutralise blue black)
    •    Skin tone colour – Vichy Dermablend Body covers almost anything (don’t believe us? Check out the crazy tattoo cover up video below, trust).
    •    Setting powder
    •    Stippling brush or makeup sponge

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What To Avoid:

‘Avoid over use of product or you’ll get a cakey finish.’

Celeb Example:

‘Johnny Depp is famous for his body art and even has a tattoo on his hand, which always need to be covered and needs constant work on set because hands are frequently washed’, says Elizabeth.

’When I was working on the last Marvel film, The Hulk stunt double arrived and was already set to be in makeup for ages so we could paint him green. But when he removed his robe we saw that his back was covered in a huge tattoo which had to be neutralised and taken to the same tone as his skin before the green make up could even be applied.’


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How does the tattoo maestro herself Kat Von D cover a tattoo?

Speaking to Kat revealed her own personal tattoo cover up routine.

’She actually has an entire tattoo coverage procedure crafted using three of her products. First, her Tattoo Eraser pencil, then her Lock-It Tattoo Concealer all set with the Lock-It Powder Foundation.’


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