How to Create the Perfect Smoky Eye Make

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Clarins Smoky Eyes

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Admit it. You always feel envious of your best friend every time the rocks up to a bar with the perfect smoky eyes. Just how does she manage to find that perfect balance between sophisticated and sexy? Adored by A-list celebrities like Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba, it is a look of beauty that has seen on the red carpet and at parties glamorous season after season, year after year. Kate Middleton was even broken sports seriously sultry tones in a number of official engagements real.

Fortunately, the fear of trying to dominate the trend will soon be a thing of the past, as we are here to teach you how to dust your peepers like a pro in just 15 minutes.

Once you have decided that Clarins Shadows Matte colors you want to wear, cover the eyes with the eye shadow lighter. Blend outward to soften, remembering to smudge a little ‘under the lower lashes for more intensity. Repeat this process using a darker shade.

The multifaceted Clarins Crayon Kohl is a real essential when it comes to adding drama for smoky eyes. For use as a mechanical pencil, simply draw along the lower lash line. For a finish vampier liquid eyeliner, apply the closer to the base of the top and eyelashes as possible and blend onto the eyelid with the applicator brush natural hair. Complete with a couple of layers of mascara.

While you can get away with smoky eyes collaboration with a bold red lipstick if you’re somewhere super glamorous, a pale pink or nude is what I’d recommend to all other social engagements. A slick Perfector Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm not just give your eyes a beautiful natural shine glossy look, that will leave your pout looking too chubby.

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