How To Curl Hair So It Looks Epic, Not 80s

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Stop the press! Curly hair is back. Ok, we might have overreacted, but here at InStyle HQ we’re pretty excited about curly hair finally making a comeback. From Mica Arganaraz and Ari Wetsphal (aka our curly girl model crushes) to Pixie Lott, everyone’s getting in on the action. But if your natural ‘do is annoyingly straight (2001 was a great time for you guys), then here’s how to curl hair so it looks epic, not 80s.

    •    Start with wet hair. After you’ve washed it, take a palm size amount of mousse (yup, that’s made a comeback too) and run it through the lengths and ends of your hair.

Why? Because… iI helps the curls keep their shape without dousing them in hairspray which is a hooray for our hair and the environment.

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    •    Dry your hair using a hairdryer with a diffuser attached.

Why? Because… The prongs on the diffuser will move your hair while it’s being heated and dried which means more texture and more texture means better curls.

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    •    Spritz heat protection spray through the lengths and ends of your hair.

Why? Because… You’re about to use two different heated tools on your hair which means you need to protect it from possible heat damage. Dry, frazzled curls are not cool.

    •    Take an inch wide barrel hair tong and curl most of your hair, leaving out random sections.

Why? Because… We’re trying to get curly hair people (duh!) but also the tong will create a uniform curl but we want ours to look natural and effortless so leaving random sections will stop you looking like a Victorian child.

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    •    Take a smaller tong and curl the leftover sections and any extra pieces you think looks a bit neat.

Why? Because… A smaller tong will help create a tighter curl which will create a more natural looking, varied texture. Pulling out sections to curl again makes for a messier, more casual looking curl.

    •    Spritz texture spray all over your hair and use your hands to work it through the curls.

Why? Because… It’ll give your curls extra grip which means they’ll stay curly longer. Run your hands through to break up the curls for a mussier cool girl texture that’s not too neat.

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And voila! You’re now officially a curly girl! You can thank us later…


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