How to Deal When You Burn Yourself On Your Straighteners

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Every once in a while, even the most skilled and careful of us will end up with a straightener or curling tong burn so prominent, we have to convince the rest of the world that it isn't a love bite. Although it leaves behind a pretty severe mark (and not to mention, hurts like hell), this too shall pass, and we've put together a quick and easy guide on how to heal the unsightly burn.

Cool It
Immediately following the accidental self-infliction, reach for an ice pack, a bag of frozen peas, or cold water—basically anything that will bring the temperature down. Aside from giving off a much-needed cooling sensation, this will prevent the heat from causing any further damage to the area.

Soothe the Burn
Hydrated skin heals much quicker than dry skin, so use a gentle moisturizer directly on the burn, followed by a dab of Savlon (or any antibiotic ointment) to keep any bacteria from starting an infection. It should go without saying, but avoid picking at the scabs that will eventually form. If they seem to be coming loose, pick up a warm flannel and rub the area very, very gently.

Cover Up
As anyone who has previously dealt with concealing a love bite (no judgement) or any off colour bruise/burn situation will tell you, piling a ton of makeup over the top can sometimes emphasise the error. Opt instead for lightweight coverage, preferably in a cream formulation to ensure the burn stays hydrated. Anything too matte tends to create a scaly appearance. In our experience—and trust us, we've had plenty—simply moisturising the area and going over the top with the remnants of anything leftover on our makeup sponge does the trick just fine.

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