How to do a manicure last longer

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Let’s face it, as nails well-preened are virtually a must in life – if they are polished or only weakly treated -. keeping them looking tip top can be a hole

So, we talked to the elite nails, manicure skyrocketing Michelle Class and WAH Nails founder Sharmadean Reid, to find out what we’re doing wrong and how to maintain our enamel from chipping, cracking and general wear and tear as long as possible.

1) # 1 tip for Michelle? ‘Making your hands last is all in the preparation before’. For starters, NEVER remove your nail polish. Although it is quite satisfactory at the time, it is terrible for your nail bed. Opt for a makeup remover containing acetone. Michelle says: ‘This will remove any oils and moisture on the nail plate momentarily dehydration nail.’ If your nails are cracking or peeling, make sure you’re getting everything you need from your diet and skip the paint for a couple of weeks, the application of oil per day. Michelle says it helps with ‘flaking, brittleness, and flexibility of their hydration. This in turn will help your hands last much longer ‘

InStyle recommended :. Dadi’Oil (10.50 pounds, Bath & Unwind ) it is not only staffed with 21 essential oils, is the process bag sizes that each application day vaguely plausible.

2) Not only the nails are shorter for a more chic but are less likely to break. The length of this season is a couple of millimeters above the bed.

3) To model the nails (we are like a final round cake that follows the shape of your cuticle), be sure to store them in one direction. Although the displacement of the nail file back and forth is faster, is likely to lead to cracking and stratification which in turn means Polish lasts for a shorter period.

4) Apply a layer of manicure preparation, that will take care of your nails and help with the longevity of the Polish.

InStyle recommend: Red Carpet Manicure Prep (£ 4 ASOS ). Brush over the nails and even if it seems to be evaporated, which is ok.

5) Although you might think when preparing the nail polish it is a waste of time, a buffer coat and the base (a hand to all the nails and two more near the tip) will actually save time in the long run, such as nail polish will last longer.

InStyle recommend: Morgan Taylor Stick With It Base Coat (£ 9.95, Beauty Bay ).

(Optional: Cleaning vinegar on your nails pre-base coat will remove all natural oils that can counter the paint.)

6) Apply the glaze with rapid brushstrokes and ensure that each layer dries properly. Punta Michelle is not to ‘apply a color too thin or too thick. Applying nail polish too thick means it will be much faster chip. Always better to go too thin and apply a third coat if necessary ‘. For an elegant shape, leave a small gap at the edges and next to the cuticle.

7) finishes may seem unnecessary, but it is worth the extra minute. Paint over your entire nail, including the edges, to seal the enamel. . Just as some finishes multi-tasking, which makes for fast drying, make your manicure last significantly longer

InStyle recommend: As winner of our Best Beauty Buys, Kate Middleton a fan of finishes Seche Vite. We love the Coat Fast Dry (£ 11 ASOS ).

8) ‘Avoid extreme heat and humidity on the nails for 6 hours!’, Says Michelle. ‘Even though the nails may feel dry take so long to set really. So no hot baths or saunas after having enamel. This will help your polish set correctly making your manicure last as long as possible ‘.

Just remember to Sharmadean ‘sandwich … polish base coat, two coats of polish and finish. Lose a step and is not only going to last longer ‘. If it does chip, smooth the surface with a cotton bud soaked in remover, redo the area with nail polish and top coat.


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