How To Fake Looking Wide Awake (When You're Totally Not Feeling It)

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We've all been there, you've had an awesome weekend, drunk a little too much, danced just enough, and suddenly your 7am alarm goes off and you don't know where two days went. We know, it sucks.

Especially when you drag yourself to work only to be welcomed by your co-workers saying, 'Oh, you look tired. Big one was it?'. Well yes, it was a big one but we didn't intend to have our 2am twerking and tequila shots physically manifest themselves on our face. So back off! At least, that's how ours go down anyway…

If you don't fancy batting off early morning 'compliments' left right and centre, then do as we do and fake it 'til you make it. Here's how…

1. Bright Eyes

It's all in the eyes…yep every ill-judged prosecco and 2am stagger home. But help is at hand. Make-up maestro Tom Pecheux advises slathering on an eye gel and leaving it there until morning as a mini overnight facial for your eyes, while Fiona and Marie of Fion & Marie Aesthetics on London's Harley Street advise sleeping with an extra pillow to encourage lymphatic drainage and minimise puffy eyes by morning. Try Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, £26.

2. Have A Night Cap

Make your last cocktail of the night one for your skin – a night cream packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory omega oils', says super-facialist Sarah Chapman. 'Sleep disturbances increase stress hormones that can lead to inflammation and breakouts,' adds pharmacist and co-founder of, Shabir Daya. Daya advises eating half a banana or a handful of cherries before bed as both increase sleep-promoting seratonin. Try Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream, £35.50.

3. Glow For It

According to research by Vichy, women look older by the end of the day, due to dehydration , gravity and sebum oxidation. The solution? Use a hyaluronic acid serum to encourage the skin to hold on to water, before layering on brightening moisturiser. Try Vichy Lifeactiv Supreme, £23.25, and Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial, £46.

4. Think Pink

Pink isn't just Malibu Barbie's signature colour – it's your amp against lacklustre skin. 'Pink is the easiest way to lift your complexion,' says head of Lancome's Elite Team Shehla Shaikh. 'Apply a pink blush to the apples of the cheeks, as well as a wash of it over your eyelids and finish with a moisture-packed pink gloss.' Tom Pecheux agrees: 'When models look tired, I dab pinky-peach blusher under the eyes to kill blues tones.' Try Lancome Blush Subtil in Rose Paradis, £28.

5. Good Foundations

'While you may feel like you need more coverage after a big night out, your skin will be dryer, so it will benefit from a tinted moisturiser,' says Jane Richardson, International Lead Make-up Stylist for Nars. And if you're prone to a shiny T-zone keep a radiance-boosting powder like Nars All Day Luminous Powder Foundation, £33 to hand. If all else fails, use that weapon of mass distraction, the bold lip! Try Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream, £30.

6. Zen Your Skin

'Nothing makes you look and feel better in the morning than yoga,' says Sarah Chapman. 'If you can stomach it, try a head-stand for a quick radiance boost to the skin or, if you're feeling particularly fragile, yogic lion's breaths (exhaling through the mouth with your tongue as far out as it will go) is a great way to wake yourself up. All together now, omm…


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