How To Look Fresh AF After A Flight With Natural Skin Brand Immunocologie

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Got a long haul flight or desperate for some short haul entertainment? Well getting down to your beauty regime could be just the ticket to healthy holiday complexion. Here’s how to win at your inflight beauty regime by the skin experts at Immunocologie and hopefully minimize the need for holiday snap face-tuning…

Think about your skin in 3 stages: pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight- no matter the duration…

Pre flight: the role minerals play in the health of our skin and our body is very undervalued. Always try to make sure whatever you apply can provide some sort of mineral and anti-oxidant nourishment. Apply a clay mask the night before or a mineral rich night treatment. A clay mask will help detox your skin, remove impurities and nourish the skin with minerals which are critical for healthy skin.  

In-flight: moisture loss is one of the biggest issues our skin combats in-flight. Applying a hyaluronic serum that can stimulate hyaluronic acid production will restore that critical moisture loss. On top of that applying a mineral rich mist every hour will also help to keep your skin active, replenished and fresh.

Post flight: Give your skin a quick rinse with cool water to "wake it up" and then follow with another application of ​hyaluronic serum to continue stimulating hyaluronic acid production in the skin. Afterwards apply a dry oil to bring back some topical moisture and rid you of that "post-plane" complexion.

How can you reduce those dreaded post flight eye bags?

The difference in air pressure can reduce circulation throughout the body, most notably in the orbital eye area. Apply an eye cream that stimulates microcirculation under the eyes to prevent this trauma. This will flush out some of the toxins and capillary congestion that causes dark circles and puffiness. Prepare to land looking fresh to death!

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How do you stop your skin drying out mid flight and arriving with a juicy spot?

The human body is said to be most comfortable and hydrated when humidity is between 30-60%. In an airplane cabin humidity averages between 2-4%, reducing the moisture in your skin rapidly. This can then stimulate immune responses in the skin, primarily inflammation, that bring on unwanted side effects (in many cases, skin aging). So it's critical you are taking the necessary precautions before a flight, treating the skin in flight and then having a post flight routine so as to not disrupt your skin's equilibrium.

Should you avoid that cheeky inflight drink?

Naturally alcohol dehydrates the skin, so an alcoholic beverage can exacerbate the lack of moisture retention. This is why it’s even more important to have a proper flying skincare regime so you can indulge in a drink, especially on those long-haul flights.  

What is the best prep for your skin ahead of travelling to a cold climate and a hot climate?
No matter the climate you’re traveling to always make sure you cleanse and exfoliate beforehand. You want to make sure you’ve gotten rid of any excess oil or impurities in the skin when changing climates so as to “reset” your skin, in a sense. This is especially important when traveling to warmer climates.

When traveling to a cold climate, your skin typically reduces its production of sebum- the natural oils your skin produces- so using a product with essential oils that doesn’t just sit topically, but can penetrate deep into the skin, can assist with the potential loss of sebum production. Follow up with a nutrient rich moisturizer to lock in moisture and keep your skin properly nourished as it makes the transition.

How to not look like a hag when basking in the sun…

When traveling to warmer climates your nighttime regime is crucial to maintaining great skin health throughout your trip. After exfoliating apply a nutrient rich, hydrating and regenerative serum. This will help prep your skin for all the exposure to increased UV rays that can reduce elastin, collagen and hyaluronic production as well as accelerate skin aging. Follow that up by an anti-oxidant rich moisturizer that will help assist the regenerative actives in your serum perform better.

Make your immune system work for your skin…
Immunocologie's products are designed to work with your skin’s immune response, most notably to help reduce inflammatory responses in the skin that accelerate skin aging and can cause a host of other unwanted concerns including breakouts and rosacea. Increased inflammation, if not treated properly can also reduce the efficacy of a product’s desired effect.

Make sure your last supper gives your skin an extra kick…
Eating a meal rich in vitamins A and C and omega fatty acids will give a little boost to your immune system as well as help with collagen and elastin production the night before. Drink lots of water and try to reduce your intake of salt.

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