How to Nail the perfect Kim Kardashian Selfie

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1. Shadow your brows

In order to ensure the your eyebrows look structured but not heavy on camera, “define the color a little ‘more along the bottom of the arch,” advises Eoin Whelan, designers national face of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics UK.

2. Losing the dust

“cream shadows are flattering as they create a soft effect,” says Caroline Barnes, Max Factor make-up artist. His advice for bright eyes? “Use an eyeliner brush to paint fine shadow shimmer around the tear ducts.”

3. Keep Your Chin Up

Never look at the camera straight. “It is not only the most flattering angle,” says Jess Schuring, an expert in making the most of your physical assets as founder of Heartcore Fitness (Victoria Beckham is a fan). “Turn your head slightly to the side, lift the chin and keep your shoulders down and back. This will create the beautiful, graceful line from the jaw to the clavicle, and will make your face appear thinner.”

4. It’s All About Hot Lips

A neutral Lippie can mix with your skin tone in the picture, making lips appear thinner, while the shades that appear in October in real life will result in a lighter shade on camera. So, be bold, and go glossy – the flash is reflected brilliance, creating a fuller, plumper looking pout. We love L’Oreal Paris L’Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Fuchsia and Drama Rouge Soprano £ 8.99 .

5. Get your hair Right

“Hair from her face is super-flattering,” says Alexa and Rosie hairdresser, Pureology Ambassador George Northwood. For a natural look, spray roots with Redken Quick Tease Backcombing Lift Spray, £ 13.45 , then flip your head so her hair deposited on the face, and shook his head gently until only a few pieces are left .

False 6. A filter

Just like a filter, natural light can soften the hard edges and create a blur effect thin. Barnes explains how to do it: .. “Stand in front of a window overlooking the light to take the best shot or use the flash to flood her face with light to avoid shadows, hold the camera over your eyes, never under the chin , and avoid overhead lighting at all costs – can cast shadows unflattering all over your face “

7 .. Smile like you mean

A study of 2,000 British conducted by Oral-B found that having white teeth can make you look five years younger, then brush with a whitening toothpaste, and the final smile in photographs, copy this old trick of top models -. apply a thin layer Vaseline, £ 1.50 over the teeth to catch the light

8. Losing Shine

“Ready to be a bit ‘shiny, use a serum oil-free moisturizer and a mattifying primer,” says facialist Debbie Thomas. We love Total Effects Olay Pore minimiser CC Cream, £ 7.49 and Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer, £ 25 .

9. Grow Your Own cheekbones

Sarah-Jane Froom, make-up artist BareMinerals International, he shares his tricks face sculpt :. “Apply a thin layer of your normal foundation Next, using a brush, apply a darker shade under the cheekbones, on both sides of the nose and in your hairline. Use a highlighter along the bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead, under the eyes and over the tops of the cheeks and browbones “.

10. Rely on a remote

No more awkwardly holding your iPhone while laying, thanks to Halo, a Bluetooth remote control that allows you to take a self without touching the phone. Just hold up your phone, step back, laying and press the remote button.


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