How To Put In Contact Lenses (For People That Don’t Have A Clue)

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How to put in a Contact lens

Halloween highlighted a few issues for me.  I still really hate spiders.  Fake Blood doesn’t come out of cream sofas and most importantly… I have NO idea how to put in a contact lens.

(The lens in question was a novelty zombie contact – the kind that turns your eye completely white and make you look like an extra from Shaun of the Dead.   I spent about 30 minutes trying to put it in and as a result, when my fellow partygoers turned up, my bloodshot eyes and bleary make-up looked far scarier than intended.  I also failed to take it out properly, tearing the lens in two and accidentally leaving the other half in, only to find it poking round the side of my eye when I woke up in the morning. GROSS!)

It’s not just scary lenses that are increasing in popularity.  Selena Gomez was spotted on the Victoria Secret runway wearing a pair of blue contacts (reportedly to look more like Adriana Lima) and Pixie Lott is fronting a new line of coloured lenses for Acuvue.  Time to get to grips with putting them in…

Selena Gomez Victoria Secret

1.  Where to look? If it’s your first time using a novelty lens, then you’re probably going to want to look up and away into the top outer corner of your eye, a little like if someone was doing your eyeliner. Regular contact lens wearers learn to look down into the lens when they apply it.

2. Think about where you are.  Stand over a sink (with the plug in)  to catch the lens when you inevitably drop it and don’t stand directly under a ceiling light.

3.  Dry your hands.  Moisture will make the lens stick to your finger rather than dropping onto the lid plus tap water contains microbes and bacteria that you don’t necessarily want trapped between your contact lens and your eyelid….

4.  Once it’s in gently close your eye, roll in a complete circle to help the lens settle in and then blink. Slooowly.   

5.  If you’re particularly squeamish, taking it out can be a little nauseating (‘what do you mean pinch it out??!!’).  Add a few drops of contact solution or regular eye drops to your eye first, which should loosen the lens a little (dry eyes are the hardest to remove lenses from).  Push the lens down towards your lower lid with one finger then use your thumb to squeeze it off and away.

6.  Is it true that they can slip behind your eye?  Yes. Sorry, it’s true. The most important thing is not to panic. If it’s stuck far behind your eyelid, yuk, try putting a new soft contact lens on the eye and blink. This can help "draw out" the stuck lens to the centre of the eye where it can be easily removed.  Get that one stuck and you should really visit a doctor…. Time to panic.

7.  Stuck but still in sight? Move your eye in the opposite direction of where you think the lens may be. For example, if you think the lens is stuck under your upper eyelid, look down.  Massage your lens and blink a lot, that should shift it back down.

8.  A tip for rapid blinkers: don’t try to close the other eye.  Keep both eyes open as it’s unnatural for one eye to be open and the other shut.   Also try looking up and then putting the lens in so that it rests on the inside lip of your lower eyelid, which will stop it falling out when you blink.

9.  If you were a little worse for wear at bedtime and actually went to sleep in your lenses then it may have dried out too much to remove in the morning.  Rinse your eye with some contact lens solution and then gently massage your closed eyelid until you feel it moving.



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