'I Would Like To Try Blue And Short!' – Ellie Goulding's Hair Secrets

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There's nothing much worse for hair than styling it again, and again, and again, so we caught up with the singer to find out how she keeps it so freaking shiny…

What are your secrets for keeping blonde hair healthy?

It needs to be healthy from the inside out.  Do you have a good diet? Do you drink green tea and plenty of water? Taking care of yourself on the inside effects how you and your hair look on the outside. That’s also why I use Pantene Pro-V as it works from the inside out to help strengthen my hair so it can withstand daily damage.

What's the best hair advice you've ever heard?

I put my hair through a lot, especially when I’m touring.  Unless you’re using heat protection, you shouldn’t be doing too much to your hair – hair isn’t naturally designed to have crazy hot air blown at it all the time! So always use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair and use heat protection if you’re heat styling. 

What’s the one hair product you’ll buy again and again?

Tangle Teaser! It genuinely works especially when I have extensions in!

What's your favourite hairstyle you've ever had?

Grammys ’16 for me! Classic 60’s filmstar look for the night!

And your worst?

Cornrows. They really didn’t go down well with my fans! Practical as hell!

Have you ever had a hair inspiration/icon/obsession you really wanted yours to look like?

I am obsessed with Beyonce’s hair. She literally suits every single style. And the way she throws it on stage is ultimate hair/performance goals.

What's a hair style or colour you've always wanted to try?

I would like to try blue and short. It is totally random, but I have a strange feeling it would suit me… My friends disagree. Ha.


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