Less than 10 pounds beauty tricks of Nab Clemence Poesy To Parisienne Chic

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Clemence knows how to nail Parisienne chic on the cheap

Perhaps we first saw her dressed head to toe in blue powder alongside Harry Potter and his friends in 2005 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire , but Parisienne Clemence Poesy beauty is not down to magic.

his elegant mix of dirty blond hair perfectly canceled and smoldering eyes are always the number one on our wish list fresh out of service and now we know how she totally nails look.

Forget creams fancy and super expensive treatments, Clemence is a pharmacy addict French officer, perhaps we will see when we grab our Bioderma near Paris …

Your complexion looks quite perfect – how do you manage to have such skin

‘I try to achieve? a facial every season, so about four times a year. Taking care of your skin is really just common sense. We all know that we must protect if you go in the sun ‘.

Clemence Poesy

You’re great on SPF then?

Well ‘I have to be. I moles everywhere. If you do not wear sunscreen, they are in trouble. And I would prefer to stay healthy as long as possible. If I sit out in the sun I will use SPF 50 sunscreen of La Roche Posay. I do not wear anything when I’m in town, even though I know I should. ‘

What about lipstick?

‘I always wear red lipstick with me in case I have a bit’ too sad, dull or gray-looking. I love Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils and I have a Topshop dark purple-red lipstick, £ 8 which is the perfect hue. I’m not a big fan of wearing too much make-up when I’m not working and a make-up artist, is not doing very well, because I’m terrible at it myself. So I prefer not to wear anything. I think it is good to return to his natural face sometimes. I am always amazed by women who wake up early to put your make-up before their boy sees them. ‘

Topshop lipstick

Ok, best beauty tip you’ve ever been given?

‘Apply make-up fingers, in contrast with brushes. I love it when a make-up artist works with your fingers – it’s always a good sign. It feels like they are really paint the face and work with him. ‘

Clemence Poesy

You are the face of the perfume Chloe, you have certain smells that remind you of the past?

‘ Klorane, £ 4.50 is one of my favorite shampoo. It reminds me of my childhood. And I’m so nostalgic for those old smoke machines. They used one in the first period film I’ve ever done. They have stopped using them now, because it’s not good for the lungs, but the smell always reminds me of the movie that I did when I was 20. It ‘was my first big part in costume and I felt like I was doing what I wanted to do when I decided to be an actress’.

Klorane shampoo


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