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Nail Sienna's sculpted cheekbones with Sharon's top tips...

Contouring – is the biggest buzzword in 2015 beauty and our latest obsession based face . We’ll be honest, we’d love to have cheekbones of Sienna, but realistically, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. That’s where comes in contouring.

Yes, Kim K may have brought the technique to sculpt the face to the masses but contouring is not only to look like the latest addition to the Kardashian clan. With the ability to carry the light, texture and definition to the face, remodeling is the easiest way to update your beauty routine and instantly transform your face with only two products. Yup, we said two.

Forget complicated techniques, we met with celeb makeup artist red carpet beauty and normal, Sharon Dowsett, on his advice for super simple, rapid remodeling, done the right way, because as he says Sharon, “he writes Contouring with a C, not a K “.

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May 20, 2015 03:31 PDT

1. “The goal is for contouring to create the illusion of a perfect oval face. After doing your makeup base, take a shadow outline or bronzer brown around the edges of the face, at the top of the forehead, chin and jaw creating a halo “.

2. “use the product on the hand in the first place, you always want to start with less then you can build up. Shadow under your cheekbones using the brush to feel where the ‘bone occurs naturally, then flick up toward the cheekbone to gain definition. Do not go too close to the mouth, it is a common mistake, but you should not take it further than that in which the iris of the eye sits ” .

3. “A bit ‘goes a long way with highlighter and it’s great to bring light to the face. Highlight both sides of the boundary on the cheeks, below as well as the top. Take the bridge of the nose, on the bow of Cupid and between the eyes to bring attention to them. ”

4 . “‘Blend is your friend’ is one of my favorite slogans is why I use a powder instead of a cream why not sink into the skin and is much easier to blend. Use a dark shadow in a really small area of ​​your cheekbone from your ear to really deepen the outline. I like to add a little ‘in the socket of the eye and to help create an optical illusion with light and shadow. ”

5. “No need to be an expert to get professional results. One of the rules oldest trick is that you never have to add cream on top of dust but the rules are there to be broken! I like to refresh your face add heat inside the sculpted look finished with the addition of cream blush to the cheeks. I will not look made up, only expensive! “


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