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DO having a facial a week before the wedding – the foundation only ever as good as the skin underneath it. Be sure to exfoliate so that the face looks bright and radiant, like Elemental Herbology Facial Glow, is rich in vitamins, enzymes and plant brighteners, or try a good mask to make your skin look fresh and hydrated. For congested skin like Rescue Mask of Eve Lom , for dehydrated skin Origins drink up mask gets my vote.

do think about the rest of your skin on display, including hands. Polish off the dead skin cells with Jo Malone Vitamin E body scrub (AKA luxury in a tub!) To reveal arts silky smooth. A fake tan is a great way to even out skin tone, but do be cautious; avoid applying this the night before the wedding and be careful not to go too dark. A good hand cream (I love vitamin E treatment coat of Jo Malone) and manicure will make a difference for the hands.

NOT that you can get away with using a pot of old moisturizer that has been lingering in your bathroom cabinet at home for who knows how long. It ‘important to choose the correct formula that suits your skin type as this will create the base for make-up. Ideally use a moisturizing serum rich in hyaluronic acid, as Quench Kate Sommerville , followed by a moisturizer gel light as Hydraskin Light Darphin . If your skin is very dry, you’ll need a rich moisturizer. Do not forget to use a lip balm to keep lips soft and supple, I love Creme de la Mer The Lip Balm.


DO invest in a fund. Think ‘like a Velcro for your make-up – which helps keep the foundation in place, plus it can smooth out wrinkles and open pores. You do not paint a wall or canvas without priming, the same goes for your base. The primer Laura Mercier is a favorite in my kit, the range offers a few different options as well as with your skincare choose the right one for your skin type. It ‘a colorless gel so apply a small amount (about the size of a coin of five cents) over the entire face, avoiding your eye area, after your skin care and the first foundation.

NOT use a primer for everything! The skin is different on the eyelids and lips with the rest of the face, so you need different triggers in these areas. I love Laura Mercier eye bases – is essentially a skin cream toned eye shadow, which allows the eye shadow that follows to remain, and making the colors come out brighter. Worth it!


DO keep in mind that the perfect base not only match your skin tone; will be the right formula for you – if this is a gel, liquid, powder (loose or pressed), mineral, BB cream, cream CC or tinted moisturizer. My advice is to go and try as many as possible: try different structures and levels of coverage of different brands. If you’re struggling to identify the right product for you, do not be afraid to ask for advice. Wear foundation in the light of the day as this is the light most ruthless. It ‘also useful to see how the foundation on the skin and wearing what appears in other lights, which is why it is best to wear all day. If you get the right foundation, everything else will fall into place. For a basic love natural light Face & Body Foundation of MAC seems like the skin with the added benefits of being waterproof and longwearing.

NOT forgets corrector. Many brides ask me: ‘Why can not I just use foundation, concealer instead of’ The answer is: the foundation and concealer are not the same thing. They are two separate products with different purposes. Concealer is highly pigmented and designed to provide additional coverage and mask imperfections such as spots, while the foundation will give you a hint of coverage and help to even out the skintone. Apply concealer after foundation to create a flawless base and brighten your under-eye area.

No forget powder is. It ‘an essential ingredient to set the make-up, even if less is more if you want to avoid looking cakey, or’ dusty ‘- as one of my previous boyfriend called the bride! If you have applied too much powder, and now look at how to work in a bakery shop, do not panic! Spritz your skin lightly with Fix the MAC + that will make you go back to normal in no time. It is a spray spring water enriched with vitamins and minerals, which puts moisture in your skin.


DO apply eye make-up before the foundation so that if a fall out of your eye shadow, you can clean up the mess, and your skin will be perfect for your foundation. This saves time and energy!

NOT embrace waterproof formulas! There is a whole plethora of options waterproof (eyeliner, eye shadow and eye shadow primer) not only mascara. These are really useful, especially if you think there will be some “happy tears’ on your special day.

DO use an eyelash curler to open his eyes, before applying the black (which is the most universally flattering, as it provides the greatest contrast with the white of the eye) waterproof mascara. If you are playing with the idea of ​​false eyelashes, but I do not want to look too dramatic then lashes individual or corner are a good option for a more sober look. To create a natural look fluttery, use different length lashes to look more realistic. My High Council for the application is to apply false eyelashes, while looking in a mirror, wait until the glue is tacky and put them right in-between your eyelashes. Easy Peasy.

NOT go look for any make-up or style that could date back too quickly. You do not want to look back on your photos and sorry that you were so trendy, which then could result in nothing short of ridiculous in the future. In the eighties they thought blue eyeshadow until browbone was a good idea! Think about the overall theme of your look, if you have a floaty dress ethereal then reflect that in the make-up. Alternatively, if you wear a vintage dress then take inspiration make-up of that period.


DO slightly insert eyebrows. Ideally you should look gently groomed rather than drawn on. You can use the powder to fill them with an angled brush, I often use a cool toned, matte eyeshadow or alternatively as a pencil eyebrows MAC; The key is to match the color of the product to the eyebrow

hair. NOT pluck eyebrows on the morning of the wedding. Instead let them form a week or a couple of days before the wedding so you continue to look groomed preventing swollen red look!


DO think that color naturally go when blushing. You want to choose a shade that mimic your natural color. I like to use the cream blush as it gives a sheer wash of color and looks so beautiful. Consider your skintone when choosing your blush so if you’re really right then choose a color that is much, much deeper than your color.

No apply your blush too soon. Unorthodox as it may seem, I tend to complete the full face of make-up and applying blusher last so you can see how much you need to put the color back into the skin. In this way, do not overdo your blush and look like a doll!


DO at least wear something on your lips. If you do not, it may seem simply forgotten, or left the house quickly. Seems incomplete.

DO use primer and then lip-liner before using lipstick. Fill all with the lip liner as will be the basis for lipstick and prolong wear. The lip-liner and lipstick should be similar if not the same color.

not be afraid to go for a lip statement, if that’s what you feel comfortable with. If your lip will be your focus function, so you must make sure you have a clean, well-defined lipline so it looks perfect and that the rest of the make-up is softer and takes a step back otherwise it can all too – think boobs or legs, never both

3 best tips Arabella

1) Think about whether you want! a professional make-up artist to make your wedding make-up. Get recommendations from friends and family and choose someone whose work you like the look of. A test is absolutely essential, it is a good idea to bring along pictures of things you like and make-up that you want to try.

2) If you decide to do it yourself, a lesson with a professional make-up artist in order to collect their advice and suggestions. They can also advise and correct colors from skincare products all the way through the final touches

3) Remember that applying wedding make-up is different from normal to apply make-up -. But it has to last all day (and night) and look photographically correct both in daylight and interior.

Arabella Hewitt is a make-up artist, for more information visit his website


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