Matte lips are The Way Forward At NYFW, So Say Goodbye To Shine

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Maybe it’s the fact that all wet at the time in New York turns to ice in about 3 seconds flat (I said it was cold?) or the fact that the new MAC Retro Matte lipsticks liquids were making their debut this FW, but there seemed to be a collective consciousness among facemakers backstage and the verdict was that gloss was out.

I know, I know … I for one, love a gloss (my formative years were spent makeup carefully untangle the hair from the lips Juicy-tubed every time I moved) , and I still love how they can give a less than pneumatic pout a little ‘more size. BUT … After today I was inspired to give the look in Carolina Herrera to go (video evidence below). But if this still does not convince you (fully admit that my hotel did not have the best lighting), this round up of the three best lip looks today should do so:

Carolina Herrera
Makeup Maven Diane Kendal used MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘Oh Lady’ to give a look otherwise liquid inspiration (eyelashes were made to look as if the models were just out of the water), an element of strength.

3.1 Philip Lim
‘punk modernist utilitarian’ was the description of Nars’ Francelle Daly’s look Lim. Translated in terms of make-up that meant cool and mild set against a matte lip color oxblood Doc Martins and is apparently a shade that suits all.

Donna Karan
Lauren Bacall was Inspo lip makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury in DK. “It ‘a pigment pink lip, set against the clear eye, feels very modern, even if it is a retro-inspired look,” he disclosed to us backstage. And if we have not yet convinced that Matt is the way to go … “I’m really in matte lips at the moment .. Allows you to wear more color without looking overdone and makeup-y, is much more chic…”

Mattes Now what we’re talking. Ahem.

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