Multi-Masking: What's The Deal?

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First things first, what is it?

Less complicated than it sounds, multi-masking is basically using different types of mask on different parts of your face to combat specific problems. Less one mask fits all, more bespoke skincare for your unique skin needs.

What's it not?

It's NOT using loads of different masks one after the other. We're looking to multi-task here people, not add extra steps to our already complicated skin routine. How much time do you think we have?!

So multi-masking's good, right?

Right! Instead of treating every area of your face with the same product, you can tailor your face mask to what each part actually needs. Think of it like your moisturiser – you wouldn't use an eye cream all over your face but equally you wouldn't use a spot cream on your eyes etc. etc. So, if like us, you've got a dry T-zone but an oily nose and spots on your cheeks, you can customise your masks to treat all issues at once without layering up heavy products. Say it with us, 'Multi-masking is multi-tasking!'

Ok, how do we do it?

It's time to re-ignite your childhood talent for finger painting. Apart from this time it's on your face. You'll most likely want a different mask for your eyes, cheeks and forehead, nose and t-zone. Yes, it's quite a lot of effort to invest in three separate masks on top of the rest of your skincare products (think of the Koreans' 11 step regimen, we're really getting off easy) but once they're bought, you only use a little each time so they'll last for ages. Promise.


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For your forehead, nose and t-zone:

This area is prone to spots and oiliness so a mask with salicylic acid is the one. We love Super Facialist's Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Clay Mask, £9.99.

For your cheeks:

Salicylic acid enriched masks will most likely be too much for your cheeks as these need hydrating and collagen boosting, not drying out. Old faithful anti-ageing hyaluronic acid is the one here. Rodial's Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask, £39 works a treat.

For your eyes:

The most delicate part of your face, any sort of acid here is going to be a bit much. A cell-boosting mask with retinol will help minimise fine lines, Darphin's Eye Sorbet Mask, £29 is perfect.

Just sweep each mask on to its allocated area on clean skin and you're good to go. And don't forget to take a selfie.

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