Nail Trend: Stripy Nail Art Made Easy

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If the crystal nails in October are just never going to be your thing, no problem – says pants hipster Dior manicure, Anatole Rainey. There’s a bunch of other ways (among them are those stripes of Jess in the video above) to ramp up your nails without going overboard. The walkways are lined with alternative class this season – .. All of which are super easy to copy at home

Follow the best advice Rainey to help you master the best advice

1. Keep It Simple
‘Nail art has been around since the’ 30s. And ‘everything that is not simply the glaze, but definitely does not have to be complicated,’ says Rainey. You not convinced? Do as the show of Dior AW15 and simply paint their hands different colors. ‘We are not talking here of contrasting colors -. It was very thin with, say, a burgundy one side and black on the other, but only lends an inclination different because it is a bit ‘unexpected’

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May 30, 2015 03:20 PDT

2. Try a new TREND
‘The fastest way to add a little’ of interest to the nails is to play with textures and finishes. I always thought that a matte top coat is great for adding a touch thin, but if you feel a bit ‘more artistic, the trend “negative space” is still strong. This season is no more “negative” color, which is great for nail-art-phobes, as it means painting a simple stripe or a symbol of a nail nude or naked. ‘

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May 31, 2015 08:16 PDT

‘If you are really into your nail art you will have all the tools to go, but for novices a fine brush is all you need. I like to keep things simple graphics painting a color diagonal through a nail naked (a bit ‘as a French manicure diagonal), and in this way you can use a little’ of tape to help you create a straight line. You just have to make sure the base color is completely dry before applying.

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February 16, 2015 2:55 PT

4. KEEP IT situational
‘You can do the work of nail art for every occasion. For a black-tie event, start with a base color and then use a shiny dark shimmering over the top, gradually classifying the spark to the tip – a bit ‘as shimmering shadows. For situations Boardroom on the other hand, I’d stick to something naked, but I would add in a half moon or plain tip. You still want to be taken seriously. ‘

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January 27, 2015 at 1:09 PT

5. Get the length RIGHT
‘Have a little’ more long, of course, more free to play, especially if you are trying detailed drawings gives, but those nails elongated stiletto look a bit ‘dated, so I’d go for more short and tidy. I’ve never been one for leaving a gap at the edges of the nails, but you can use nail art to give the illusion of longer, thin nails. Like clothes, always go for vertical over horizontal stripes’.


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