Nude Nail Polish: InStyle Finds The Shade perfect for every skin tone

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If you have hands pink or yellow-based, you can find the your perfect nude. It ‘s just important to find the glaze that will give the right effect; nice and chic. Not corpse chic, but perpetually polished chic.

For a timeless tones, is having a real moment of this season, after being worn in almost every SS15 show. Literally. We are talking BCBGMAXAZRIA, Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, Diane von Furstenberg, DKNY, Rag & Bone and Victoria Beckham.

In Alexander Wang, Michelle Saunders gave models a dull, short rounded nail in a bare beige tones, while Derek Lim, Jin soon went for a wash pinkie sober. Manicures were even more natural Rag & Bone, with a high gloss, natural look.

The classic nude nail was taken to the next level to Victoria Beckham and Holly Fulton, where the nails were given a matte top coat, and Fratelli where it was used as a base coat for nail art.

Being a subject close to my heart, having absurdly pink – almost magenta – hands, I decided to groped to find ‘the perfect naked’. As with everything ‘perfect’, it’s subjective, so the team trialed best nude shades around to find out what suits your skin tone.

A network of electric things we’ve discovered is, more than usual enamels, is difficult to judge which color will go a naked when applied to a base layer, applied again, top coated and dried

Another thing .; naked is not overly indulgent so it is important – even more unusual – that the nails are in good condition.

Whatever your skin tone, even if – like me – your hands are so unusually toned had given up hope to find a shade to suit, check out our best enamels bare tested …

Rita Ora for Nude Rimmel Nail Polish In Let ‘s Get Naked, £ 3.69

Jess Lacey, Acting Beauty Editor, says:’ I usually bypass nail naked shiny because they never seem to go evenly and you end up having four hands or so to get an opaque cover. However, this has gone on a dream. Creamy and really good coverage from just the first coat. E ‘side peachy nude, but only hot enough to make it stylish rather than hands mannequin. The downside? It did not last long at all, two days max. The fries were not too obvious for the color, but still, I would have liked more with it ‘.

Bourjois Paris La Laque nail polish in the presidency Et Tendre, £ 6.49

Maxine Eggenberger, Writer Digital, says: ‘I have to admit I’m not much of a kind hands of girl, but when it comes to bare nails, are a bit’ of a sucker for them. However, I do not know if you can really call this nail polish Bourjois Paris La Laque in ‘chair et tendre’ naked – once it’s on your nail becomes so peachier in tone and, even if it suits my skintone light, is probably not for you if you really porcelain complexion.

Once applied it takes ages for the paint to dry and, even after an hour, I still found it tacky to the touch. However, the brush spreads close to the perfect width of your nail so that makes it extremely easy to apply.

In short, they are a bit ‘on the fence when it comes to this glaze, but think about how you will make mega my summer tan look, I think I’ll probably come around …’

Soigne Naked enamel In Creme Au Berre, £ 11

Charlie Hall, Senior Editor images, he says: ‘The colors comes up a little finger touch more than it looks in the bottle. E ‘super-flattering and although it is very easy to apply. It would be great with a tan. ‘

Tom Ford Nail Polish In Show Me The Pink Nude, £ 26

Niki Browes, Associate Editor, says: ‘. It did not go over quite well as I liked, but dried to a finishing bare pinkish flawless’

Revlon Nail Polish Naked In Check Mate, 6.99 pounds

George driver, Beauty Writer, said: ‘I was not sure this naked at first as I normally prefer a tone pinkier and this falls cappuccino in the category of milk for me (yes, that is one thing). But I was pleasantly surprised; tone taupe made my nails look chic and minimal rather sickly. In addition, the pigment concentrate meant two hands was more than enough, making it perfect for nail painting lazy last minute. I’ll start wearing now and when I get a tan (read self-tanning) that will be even better. Nude nail varnish success! ‘

Essie Nail Polish Naked In Spin The Bottle Nail Polish, £ 7.99

Rebecca Gillam, digital assistants, says, ‘I’m always looking for the perfect nail polish naked but, having hands magenta, is not so easy to find a shade that does not emphasize their color bizarre. Spin The Bottle of Essie is a bit ‘pinkier than it looks in the bottle and I realized, from experience, it’s better for me to stay with yellow-based shades. That said, it will be someone’s perfect naked as it went on smoothly – two layers gave a flawless finish -. And lasted well ‘

Watch this space for more polish and nail bare evidence there any nuances or Tweet brands we like tested …


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